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Rajkotupdates.News:Emm-Negative-Rare-Blood-Group-Found-in-Rajkot-Man-11th-Such-Case-Worldwide – When the man from Rajkot went to the hospital for surgery last year, the discovery was made. However, the four most common blood groups, A, B, O, and AB, are known to the world. But a rare blood group call “EMM Negative” was identifiy in the man earlier this month.

So, an uncommon blood group was found in a 65 years old man in Gujarat who require blood before having heart surgery. However, the doctors had to perform several tests on the man’s samples since they could not find blood that match his blood group.

Furthermore, the doctors were surprise to learn that the patient had a unique blood group and refer him to Ahmedabad Hospital. However, even the doctors couldn’t find the life-saving fluid matching his blood group.

Therefore, the doctors sent the blood sample for lab testing, which was collect from his body was quite different and strange from the existing groups. However, the sample was sent to New York for testing. Hence, it took a year for the researchers to conclude that the blood group was AB+ with EMM negative frequency. Unfortunately, the patient died a natural death earlier this year.

What is EMM negative?

The Rajkot man is said to be the first person in India and 10th in the world with an EMM-negative blood group. Although the EMM level was low in blood, the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) nam it EMM negative. Hence, the blood group has given the symbol as ISBTO42.

Furthermore, Blood groups are define by the presence or absence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells (RBC). While the ABO and Rh systems are the best, over 300 blood group antigens have been identify. So, the Negative EMM blood group is a rare group characterize by the absence of the EMM antigen.

However, it belongs to the Dombrock (DO) blood group system. So, the Emm antigen is encod by the ART4 gene, and its absence can lead to immunological reactions in transfusion settings.

EMM Negative People Can’t Donate


People with the EMM blood group cant donate blood to anyone. They can neither accept blood from anyone.

Furthermore, experts say that if a person even receives blood from someone in the same group. So, the chances of reaction inside the body multiply and could be prove to be fatal.

Rare Blood: What Makes the Case So Unique

So, what happens when a person with such a type is given blood of their known blood group? Hence, the experts said that it could adversely lead to antigen and white blood cells in the host body reaction, resulting in severe reactions and even death.

Across the globe, over 376 groups of antigens are recognize. Hence, the remaining are classifiy into different series and collections.

Experts said that identifying the rare blood types would help them address such cases in relatively shorter time and extend medical help if possible.

Rare Blood Group: Rajkotupdates.News:Emm-Negative-Rare-Blood-Group-Found-in-Rajkot-Man-11th-Such-Case-Worldwide.

Rare Blood Group: Rajkotupdates.News:Emm-Negative-Rare-Blood-Group-Found-in-Rajkot-Man-11th-Such-Case-Worldwide.

Emm-negative blood type is extremely rare, with only ten known cases report worldwide before this study.

So, here we present the 11th case of the Emm-negative blood group, which was identify in a 32-year-old female patient. In this review, we comprehensively analyze the case, discuss the clinical implications of this rare blood type, and compare the present case with the ten previous document cases.

Hence, the study aims to contribute to understanding EMM negative blood group and guide its management in transfusion medicine.

The 32-year-old woman patient present to the hospital with severe anemia. Blood samples takes for laboratory analysis, including complete blood count (CBC), blood typing, and antibody screening. Further investigations were perform using molecular and serological techniques to confirm the Emm-negative blood type.

Opinion of Medical Director Ripal Shah Regarding EMM Negative Blood

According to Ripal Shah, Medical Director of Prathama Laboratory in Ahmedabad, after a cross-check with 40 to 50 samples the facility had on hand, the patient had the AB+ blood group. “We searched every avenue in India to find a blood match for him.

Furthermore, His blood had a peculiar smell about it, I thought. We also contrast his blood with blood samples from his kids. Even so, it didn’t work out”. Therefore, the sample sent to New York.

However, it took over a year, and they couldn’t decide. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic also impact the Negative, a Rare Blood Group, Found In Rajkot Man 10th Such Case Worldwide process’s delay.

So, according to Shah, the doctors gave him medicine to increase his hemoglobin level as they wait. Also, as per rajkotupdates.But, news, Despite the patient’s hemoglobin level increasing, the surgeon could not proceed since the patient was unprepare. As a result, he was COVID-19 infect and went away peacefully a month ago.

Type of Blood EMM-Negative

Rajkotupdates. News:EMM Negative A Rare Blood Group Found In Rajkot Man 11th Such Case Worldwide.

So, there are only 11 individuals worldwide with specific blood groups that do not have EMM frequencies in their blood, distinguishing them from typical humans. However, these rarest blood types cannot receive blood from other blood types, even O+, since they are incompatible with them.

The Blood of This Group was First Found in an Australian Woman.

Golden blood was first detected in 1961. An Australian woman was found to have golden colored blood when she was pregnant. The doctor thought that her baby would die in the womb due to RH-NULL. First of all, in 1901, Australian physician Carl Landsteiner started research about blood type. In 1909 he divided the blood into 4 parts. Which we commonly know as A,B,AB and O. He received the Nobel Prize in 1930 for his investigation. Rajkotupdates.News:Emm-Negative-Rare-Blood-Group-Found-in-Rajkot-Man-11th-Such-Case-Worldwide


In this Content, I want to describe that Rajkotupdates.News:Emm-Negative-Rare-Blood-Group-Found-in-Rajkot-Man-11th-Such-Case-Worldwide – an uncommon blood group was in a 65 years old man in Gujarat who require blood before having heart surgery. However, the doctors had to perform several tests on the man’s samples since they could not find blood that match his blood group.

Furthermore, The rarity of the Emm-negative blood group presents challenges in transfusion medicine. Patients with this blood type may develop anti-Emm antibodies, leading to hemolytic transfusion reactions (HTRs) if they receive Emm-positive blood. Therefore, it is crucial to screen for anti-Emm antibodies and identify Emm-negative blood donors for these patients.


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