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Write for us Root CanalWrite for us Root Canal. It is possible that in a routine review with your dentist, they will inform you that you need a root canal.

However, you may not know exactly what this procedure consists of or you may feel some reluctance at the idea of ​​undergoing it. Hence, to submit your article, you can also email us at

Furthermore, It is a procedure encompassed within Conservative Dentistry and, popularly, it is known as a procedure designed to “kill the nerve” .

It is precisely this way of referring to the procedure that causes fear or rejection.

However, it is a treatment that does not cause any discomfort. So, it is performed in a minimally invasive way and has numerous benefits for your oral health.

In order for you to go to your dentist with complete confidence, it is best to know how endodontics is performed and when it is necessary.

When do you Need a Root Canal?

The Endodontics or the root canal treatment, aims to preserve a tooth in the mouth that, if not treated, would have to be extracted.

For this reason, it is the last resort to save a unhealthy tooth and prevent the patient from having to place a prosthesis or implant to replace it.

It is carried out when the dental structure has irreversible damage and the pulp is seriously affected.

Also called the nerve, the pulp is the soft tissues that houses the nerves and blood vessels.

It is covered by dentin and enamel and is in charge of receiving external stimuli.

When the pulp shows damage, we say that the tooth is devitalized and in most cases the piece ends up in necrosis and presenting a dark color.

 How can you Inform if a Tooth has Internal Damage?

The deterioration of the dental nerve can manifest itself in different ways.

  • Among the most prominent symptoms, we can distinguish the following:
  • Discomfort when chewing, both in terms of pain and dental sensitivity.
  • The darkening of the tone of a specific dental piece.
  • The perception of bad taste in the mouth caused by the infectious process.
  • The appearance of a fistula or phlegmon.
  • This damage can be caused by two main reasons:
  • Due to a hollow space that has not been treat in timeand the infection reaches the dental pulp.
  • When the tooth has received a physically powerful puff  and, whether it breaks or not, the tooth is devitalized.
  • It is important to clarify that, even if a trauma does not fracture the tooth, we must go to the dentist to assess whether there is internal damage.
  • If an impact occurs, it is likely that the nerve will suffer and our tooth will be calcified .
  • This state also supposes the devitalizationof the piece, but without becoming necrotic.

What Does a Root Canal Consist of?

The goal of the root-canal treatment is the removal of vascular-nervous bundle , that is, the pulp or nerve tissue.

Afterwards, the tooth canals are cleaned and sealed to avoid the condition of a new infectious process in the future.

Finally, the affected piece is reconstructed through the method that the dentist considers appropriate for each case.

It is possible to place a crown or sheath , but if there is no significant loss of structure, it is possible to choose between a build-up or inlay .

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