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As products that take care of our skin increase daily, is it possible to add face masks to routine maintenance? Our answer is yes! But what are the best masks, and what is the point? Let’s take a tour of the different types of face masks, their function, and the reason for their excellent results on the skin.

Silt Mask

These masks may seem messy, but the result is worth it, especially if you have good skin and are prone to acne. The results of this mask are endless: eliminating impurities by absorbing skin oil, modifying its shine, adding elegance to dry and dull skin, helping to reduce pores, and preventing the spread of stains by drying them. Was that convincing? That’s great!

Make sure you clean your skin before using a clay mask, then apply it with your clean fingers or a special brush. Leave on the skin for the recommended period, wash off the face, then gently dry the skin and apply your favourite moisturizer. Enjoy the results!

Mud Mask

We repeat, these masks may seem messy to use, but the result is worth it. These masks are used for superior results similar to those in salons from within the home, helping nourish the skin with natural materials.

These masks are ideal for peeling, tightening and emptying their pores from oils. As watery, it is excellent for moisturizing dry skin. Add a thin layer once or twice a week as needed, leaving the drought to dry. Wash thoroughly, then apply the anti-pore moisturizer.

Paper Masks

Are face-shaped masks perfect for the skin? Paper masks are soaked in concentrated serum, so don’t worry about their wet texture because they are rich in vitamins and beneficial ingredients.

This mask is ineffective for impurities and does not act as a skin peeler or deep cleaner, ultimately depending on your choice. We suggest using it once every 2 weeks for moist skin.

Apply to a clean face, relax, and remove after the recommended period. There is no need to rinse, but the remaining formula can be rubbed on the skin.

Bubble Masks

Is there any scientific research behind the fun of bubbles? Oxygen pumped into masks releases itself when applying them, helping stimulate the blood cycle for vibrant and full skin. Bubbles produce and refresh the skin, purify pores, and standardize skin tone.

These masks are extraordinary: they leave the skin fresh and moist and are excellent for adding to the skin care system during winter. Apply with clean fingers or with a special brush. And then, wait for the fun to come to you.

Coal Mask

Using coal as a face mask material may be strange, but its results are already staggering. The coal mask reduces impurities, germs, dirt, chemicals, and oils accumulated on the skin’s surface. Its miraculous function helps clean the skin deeply and get rid of acne by pulling dirt from inside the pores.

If you have dry skin, these masks are unsuitable because you may need the oils you pull out of your skin. Add a thin layer once or twice a week, leaving the absorption dead. Rinse thoroughly with water, after which an anti-pore moisturizer can be applied.

Peel Masks

If you’re one of those people who don’t want the mess caused by some masks, use skin exfoliation masks and take advantage of their beautiful results. You can use masks containing coal, clay, and natural clay. It eliminates the outer layer of the skin, eliminating dead skin, and making the skin soft and fresh in appearance.

Always use a moisturizer or foundation cream with a powerful sun protection agent to protect your skin, which becomes sensitive after using masks. If you keep using it weekly, you’ll notice a low percentage of fine lines and wrinkles. So you’re the winner! Apply, relax, and then start peeling.

Cream Mask

This mask is excellent, so you can use it if you have inflamed skin that needs cooling. Make sure you put it in the fridge for better cooling results. Cream masks are ideal for enhancing skin moisture. These masks come in a suitable form for use during sleep.

So you can apply the mask, go to sleep, and wake up with fresh and bright skin. If you decide to use the cream mask, you can continue to take care of your usual night skin, but you should replace the moisturizer with the cream mask.

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