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Vigor Business Write For Us –  is a site launched in 2022. On this site, we accept guest posts on business-related terms. So, We include the topics related to the business, a commercial activity that is defined as the activity carried out by anyone who professionally produces or buys goods in their name and on their account and resells them using one of the following ways: To submit your article you can email us at

wholesale trade: carried out by subjects who professionally purchase goods in their name and account and resell them to other traders, wholesalers, retailers, or professional or large users. Hence, the activity can take the form of internal trade, import, or export;
– Furthermore, retail trade: it is carried out in a private area or premises, or a public area, or through other forms of distribution, directly to the final consumer.
– Hence, trade in internal outlets (in favor of employees of public or private entities or companies, of military personnel, members of consumer cooperatives, or members of private clubs);
– Hence, trade using particular forms: is that carried out through distributors, or automatic machines, by correspondence or catalog, by television or other communication systems, by electronic means, at the home of the buyers.

How to Submit your Articles “Vigor Business” Write For Us?

How to Submit your Articles?

We look forward to your contribution to the Vigor Business. Let us know your thoughts on our official Contact

Create a specific subject line for your email with the word “guest post” or “write tech for us” and also write a short description of yourself. If anyone has a few questions or doubts about guest posting on Vigor Business, please let us know in your email.

Why Write for

If you are writing on, You can reach your target audience/customers and can be a reader of our blog, and you can have enormous exposure.

You can get a backlink to your website. As you know, the backlink will share your SEO value.

You can also build a relationship with your targeted customers/audience.

You can target both categories like marketing and business separately or collected.

We are also accessible on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share your guest post on all social media platforms.

Your brand’s authority and the content will be known globally if you write for us.

And recently, we have added a new category called entertainment, so any blogger or author who wants to post an article about the entertainment category, please sends us your content at

How to Format your Guest Post/Article?

Make sure that you follow the below steps to format your Guest Post or Article:

The introduction of the article should be the initial part of the article.

Write your content simple and straight. Try to give some research sources in the article.

Use H1, H2, and H3 tags wherever needed. All paragraphs should be of 3 to 4 lines only.

Do not forget to give a conclusion at the end of the article.

We believe in delivering user-friendly and informative content to our visitors.

Tone of Voice

The voice employed by Vigor Business is friendly yet professional. Our content is educational, entertaining, easy to follow and straightforward.

Our articles will always focus on educating fellow community members. We will avoid not confusing them with complex jargon and overly technical explanations.

Above all, we intend to provide a positive, helpful forum for our readers to visit, share and enjoy.

What Articles Do We Publish?

Small Businesses

Vigor Business’s content narrowly focuses on business, beauty, fashion, and gadgets . We are looking for authors or writers who are interested in writing for us so that we can publish original articles that reveal how large and medium-sized. Small businesses or startups begin their journey, the secret behind their success, how companies use innovative ideas and strategies to mark an impactful presence globally, digital marketing, human resources, and the most recent technological innovations.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email us at

Guidelines of the Article to Write For Us on

Be Authentic –Authenticity is essential and one of the most critical requirements. The required minimum word count is 1000 words. If you are referencing other sources, appropriately credit them in the post. Avoid being too general like “a lot of researches have shown…”. Readers need authentic evidence, even if they do not click on the source link. After the content is ready, ensure that it is 93%+ original on Grammarly or other checking tools.

Keep it Casual – Articles need to be written in small, short paragraphs with 4-5 lines per paragraph. Use simple sentences. Minimize the usage of complex words and phrases and make the content easy to understand. Each sentence should not be longer than 25 words. Avoid using irrelevant sentences. Each sentence has to represent a value to the reader. Just delete if you see that a sentence is doing nothing but adding word count.

Make it Relevant – Before writing the content, familiarize yourself with our buyer’s personality, goals, and challenges. Then, when writing the content, keep those goals and challenges in mind to make the content relevant to our target audience.

Visualize the Content – Use at least one image that is relevant to the content and credits the source appropriately. In addition, you can use sites like Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash, where you can find high-quality, royalty-free images. Using images in the content is welcome as long as they are relevant. Also, add alt texts for the pictures. It is very important for SEO.

Link it Up – Moreover,Put appropriate links to sources to help the reader get more information about the topic if needed. But make sure the links are appropriate, working, and don’t lead to competitor sites. You can use no more than three outbound links. At least one relevant inbound link to our other sources is required.

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