Brooks Glycerin 19

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is an excellent, comfortable, plush-upper, medium-soft, max-cushioned running shoe best suited for leisurely runs.

Version 19 has been modified with a revised outsole design and a slightly softer ride, resulting in smoother ride transitions while retaining the polished, recognizable Glycerin feel.


  1. smoothly transitioning rides
  2. softer ride compared to earlier iterations
  3. Balanced, steady ride


  1. Little energy is returned
  2. Warm upper runs
  3. rubber outsole is soft

Brooks Glycerin 19 Intro

No brand does it better than Brooks when it comes to keeping to what works, and Brooks is unsurpassed in terms of consistency from update to update.

  • The Glycerin is the max-cushioned trainer that gets the least amount of changes each year out of all of them.
  • For the past four editions of the Glycerin, the midsole foam’s DNA Loft material has only seen minor density adjustments.
  • The Glycerin employs DNA Loft in version 19 as well. However, version 19 has a softer density than version 18.
  • Both the stack heights and the price have remained constant. Additionally, the weight is identical to the prior iteration.
  • I’ve never considered the Glycerin to be a plush ride. One of the most supportive max-cushioned trainers it has always been.
  • In their most recent iterations, the Nimbus, Triumph, and Clifton are softer shoes than the Glycerin 18.
  • Since the Invincible was introduced, it isn’t easy to think of a shoe that could be softer.
  • Being a firm, the max-cushioned shoe is not a problem. Because they are more stable and responsive, some runners prefer stiffer shoes. However, Glycerin’s false promotion needs to stop.
  • The Glycerin 19 is advertised on the Brooks website as “the softest run ever,” The tagline is “Super-soft cushion leases you run for miles deprived of ever thinking about your feet.”
  • The Glycerin is the enormously popular Ghost’s big brother in the Brooks “Cushion” category.
  • The Glycerin consumes a full DNA Loft midsole, whereas the Ghost only has a blend of DNA Loft and BioMogo, and the Glycerin has a softer, more contented top than the Ghost.

Therefore, is the Glycerin 19 worth the $20 premium over the Ghost 13 and is it an advancement over version 18 of the drug?

Brooks Glycerin 19 First Impressions

The Glycerin 19 has a distinct “dad” vibe and is essentially identical to the Glycerin 18 in appearance.

  • It would be very challenging to distinguish the Glycerin 18 from the Glycerin 19 on the road save from a few extra diagonal midsole lines that the 18 lacks.
  • I don’t typically wear white running shoes, but this pair stands out when jogging in its white, black, and red accents.
  • My feet were welcomed with a luxurious, slipper-like fit when I initially put the Glycerin 19 on. Thanks to the substantial Ortholite sock liner, there was enough comfort while stepping in.
  • One of the greatest comfortable uppers I have worn this year. The fit was excellent.
  • The shoe didn’t feel particularly innovative or exceptional during my first run, but it did feel quite natural and cushioned with the distinctive Glycerin ride.
  • The smoother ride than the Ghost 13 or Glycerin caught my attention.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Sole Unit

  • The Glycerin 19’s midsole softness has increased slightly compared to the Glycerin 18.
  • The Glycerin’s midsole can best be described as “padded” because of how it feels. It isn’t nearly as squishy as a Nimbus 23 or Clifton 7, but it is soft enough to cushion impacts and provide a smooth ride.
  • The Glycerin 19 performs best at easy paces, which is what it was intended for. It is possible to maintain steady paces greater than 5.30 km/h.
  • But you will need to exert a little more effort due to the heaviness of the shoe and the lack of adequate response.
  • There won’t be much response in the Glycerin 19 because DNA Loft is standard EVA rather than the carbonated sort seen in the Hyperion Tempo.
  • You won’t discover it in the Glycerin 19 if you’re seeking a super soft, hyper-bouncy ride like the ZoomX Invincible.
  • Smooth riding, the Glycerin 19. As a result of its single-density midsole and outsole design, it is one of the max-cushioned trainers with the smoothest riding characteristics available.

There is a lot of soft, blown rubber used in the outsole. Brooks favors a softer outsole rubber to soften landings and improve the ground feel.

The disadvantage is that the rubber ages more quickly than usual. On my pair, the rubber has already worn down 2-3 mm on the outer lateral heel area.

So by the time I reach 300 kilometers, which is not ideal, I anticipate reaching midsole foam.

It was my exact experience with Ghost 13:

  • The Glycerin 19 has a single long piece of rubber on the medial side that stretches from the rearfoot to the end of the midfoot just before anywhere the forefoot starts.
  • Which is the main difference between the outsoles of the 19 and the 18 models.
  • As there is less flex in the midfoot, this extended piece of rubber promotes midfoot stability and structure and smooths ride transitions.
  • To save weight, a patch on the lateral side of the midfoot is not covered in rubber. Compared to the Glycerin 18, the patch’s size has grown, resulting in a more ground feel but less durability.
  • The Glycerin 19 had excellent outsole traction and grip, in my opinion. Compared to solid, long-lasting rubber, this is tackier due to its lower density.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Upper Unit

Brooks never holds back once it comes to the upper of the Glycerin. It is, after all, intended to be their most luxurious and expensive training sneaker.

  • It has a few non-irritating 3D Fit Print overlays on the midfoot and is constructed from multi-layer mesh.
  • The Glycerin 19’s upper feels so comfortable that it almost seems custom-made for my feet. The luxurious layers of mesh mold to your feet, and it fits true to size.
  • The heel collar is heavily cushioned and incredibly soft. My heel is kept firmly in by the sturdy heel counter. The entire interior of the shoe is seamless, smooth, and highly plush to the touch.
  • For rear visibility in low light, the heel has two tiny reflective triangle windows.
  • The fully gusseted tongue that Glycerins always have and that not even the Ghost 13 possesses the main characteristic of the upper.
  • The main drawback to having a fully gusseted tongue is that it makes the shoe seem warmer since the inside sleeve acts as an extra layer of material inside the shoe.
  • My feet were sweating a lot while I ran in the Glycerin 19 in the hot sun and above 28 degrees.
  • The foot lockdown is the best feature of the upper. I don’t need heel-lock lacing because the foot lockdown is so solid and reliable.