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Business Cycle Write for usBusiness Cycle Write for us – Business Cycles are a type of fluctuation found in the overall economic activity of the nation. However, a cycle is consisting for the expansions occurring at around the same time in many economic activities. Which is follows by similar general contractions ( recessions). Hence, this sequence of changes is recurrent but not periodic. To submit an article, you can email us at

Understanding the Business Cycle

Essentially, business cycles are marked by the alternation of phases of expansion and contraction in overall economic activity. Moreover, the co-movement between economic variables in each phase of the cycle.

Furthermore, Overall economic activity is represented not only by real (i.e. inflation-adjusted) GDP. Moreover, a measure of aggregate output, but also by aggregate measures of industrial production, employment , revenue and sales, which are the coincident economic indicators. So, for the official determination of the high and low dates of the American economic cycle.

Therefore, the severity of a recession is measure by the three D’s: depth, diffusion, and duration. So, a recession’s depth is resolute by the magnitude of the peak-to-trough failure in the broad measures of output, employment, income, and sales. However, its diffusion is measures by the extent of its spread across economic activities, industries, and geographical regions. So, Its duration is determine by the time interval between the peak and the trough.

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