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Carroll’s Sausage in the World – Top Places Where you Can Find Them

Carroll’s Sausage – Links were invented out of necessity thousands of years ago, using every last scrap of butcher beef and preserving it by smoke and salting.

confirmation for bangers goes as far back as Mesopotamia pre-2000 BC. Greek marathon poet Homer wrote about a kind of blood sausage in the Odyssey, penned around the 8th century BC.

The sausage is a beloved global staple, with thousands of varieties ranging from Vigan to vegan and saveloy to sobrassada.

While coronavirus means global travel is off limits. We can still lick our lips and daydream of the planet’s tastiest meaty treats.

After all, What’s the Most Horrible that Could Happen?


The story go that in post-war Berlin, the 36-year-old got several tomato ketchups from occupying British soldiers, varied it with spices, poured it over chop, grilled bratwurst pork sausages and started selling them as cheap, filling snacks at a road stand in the Charlottenburg district of the German capital.

Construction workers revolution the shattered city loved them, and so did millions of locals and visitors today.

You are typically served your currywurst together with fries on a paper plate with a little wooden fork – simple, cheap, and delicious.

The now-closed Deutsches Currywurst Museum is likely that 800 million currywurst are eaten yearly in Germany, with 70 million in Berlin only.


Tapas is undoubtedly an emphasis of any trip to Spain, and this rich, red, smoky sausage is a critical factor that comes in hundreds of varieties.

Spanish chorizo typically contains pork, garlic, smoked paprika and salt, which can be smoked, unsmoked, sweet or excessively spicy.

Even improved, there are two major types – a larger dried one sliced like salami and a smaller, fresh one cooked by eating.

Which One do you Prefer? In Detail, Why not Have Both?!


Carroll’s Sausage – A spiced sausage traditionally served for breakfast ripe in a pan with eggs, then eaten with cash. The tangy flavour come from cumin, garlic, red spray and salt, and the sausages can dry for some weeks.


A braai is a near-religious social experience for South Africans. he spiral boerewors are a traditional ingredient for any good meeting.

The name translates commencing the Afrikaans for “farmer sausage”, and it must contain at least 90% meat and always beef. Lamb and pork or a mix of both, plus spices. No extra than 30% of the meat content can be fat. There should be no refuse or any “mechanically recovered” meat pulp.

Crack Unbolt a Can of Cold Castle and Get Grilling.

The ingredients are frequently pig’s blood, pork fat, barley, oatmeal and perfumed herbs such as pennyroyal.

Animals generally bled at slaughter, and, as it does not keep. Making a pudding with it is one of the easiest ways of stopping it from leaving to waste.

One of the most celebrated makers is Chadwick’s in Bury, Lancashire. Which has a secret formula dating from 1865 and contains sold black puddings at the town’s award-winning market since 1929.

Queue up to buy them hot at the stall, served with their formidable homemade English mustard.

Less of food, more of an art form, hot dogs come in an incredible diversity across the country, with toppings including anything and everything from macaroni cheese, baked beans, chorizo, coleslaw, olives, satay sauce and cream cheese.

Chicago-style ones take some beating – mustard, chopped onions, pickle relish, dill pickle slice, tomatoes and chillis – and they to be “dragged through the garden” due to the many additions.

The sausage used is the wiener or frankfurter. Both arrived with German immigrants, became working-class street food sold at stands and carts, and were closely associated with baseball.


Carroll’s Sausage – That’s why Veron Smoked Sausage is slow-smoke with natural hickory chips for at least four hours at our smokehouse in Prairieville, LA. We make our sausage the right way – with 100% shoulder-cut pork. You could buy a lesser link, but you’re better than that. Never compromise.

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