Celebrity Fashion Share Price

Celebrity Fashion Share Price: The current fashion trend has always been shaped and inspired by celebrities.

Celebrities affect fashion by donning current trends, but they can occasionally start a trend by donning a massive creation by one of the highest designers in the world.

Numerous publications and fashion commentators devote a lot of time and effort to analyzing what celebrities are wearing.

Celebrity Fashion Share Price: When Katy Perry appears in a black, beautiful evening gown or Emma Watson dons boyfriend jeans, a body-hugging tee, and a pair of Gucci rectangular sunglasses.

It not only impresses the audience but also establishes the standard for appropriate attire for the time.

1. What’s the Celebrity Fash share price today?

The share price of Celebrity Fash was Rs 20.70 as of Nov. 14, 2022, 3:40 PM IST. Based on the previous share price of Rs 20.25, Celebrity Fash’s share price decreased by 1.90%. Share price trends for Celebrity Fash:

  • Celebrity Fash’s stock price dropped 3.04% over the past month.
  • Celebrity Fash’s stock price increased 32.69% in the past three months.
  • In the past year, the share price of Celebrity Fash increased by 104.95%.
  • Celebrity Fash Share Price Has Increased By 220.93% Over the Past 3 Years

2. What’s the shop capitalization of Celebrity Fash?

  • The market capitalization for Celebrity Fash Share is Rs 106.96 Cr. Its market cap ranking in the apparel industry is 26.

3. What is the 52-week high/little of Celebrity Fash share price?

  • Celebrity Fash share’s price ranged from Rs 8.90 to Rs 27.40 over the previous 52 weeks.

4. Who’s the owner of Celebrity Fash?

  • Promoter holdings decreased from 41.82 on September 30, 2021, to 38.66. (30 Jun 2022)
  • The holding of foreign institutional investors increased from 9.56 (30 September 2021) to 16.39. (30 Jun 2022)
  • Other investor holdings decreased from 48.62 on September 30, 2021, to 44.95. (30 Jun 2022)

5. Who are the peers for Celebrity Fash in the Apparels sector?

  • Investors frequently compare the companies in the Apparels sector of Celebrity Fash together for analysis, including Globe Textiles (India) Ltd.
  • However, the Bang Overseas Ltd., Libas Consumer Products Ltd., Visagar Polytex Ltd., Nandani Creation Ltd.
  • However, Thomas Scott (India) Ltd., SPL Industries Ltd., Integra Essentia Ltd., Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd., and Suumaya Industries Ltd.

6. What are the revenue and pay for Celebrity Fash?

  • Celebrity Fash declared total quarterly revenue and profit of Rs 96.42 Cr and Rs 1.74 independently.
  • QuarterlyResult.list[0].
  • Yearning. For the fiscal year that ended March 31st, 2022, there were respective totals of Rs. 327.97 Cr. and Rs. 8.78 Cr.

7. What are the key metrics to analyze Celebrity Fash Share Price?

Critical Metrics for Celebrity Fash are:

  • The PE Ratio of Celebrity Fash is 11.00
  • Making per share of Celebrity Fash is 1.88
  • The price/Sales ratio of Celebrity Fash is 0.21
  • Worth to Book ratio of Celebrity Fash is 3.11

Celebrity Fashion Fever in Office and workplaces

  • Underneath the surface, there has always been a preoccupation with trying hard to gain a better status by wearing anything recently worn by one of the most prominent individuals.
  • Even though it would appear that celebrities used to have a superficial impact on the general public.
  • Celebrities today impact everything from professional clothing to business attire in this fully digitalized environment.
  • However, the result of centuries of remarkable social, political, and technological transformation is the workplace outfit of today.
  • Additionally, dressing like your favourite celebrity will liberate your mind and make you feel incredibly confident, boosting your overall performance throughout the day at work.
  • Industrial workers exposed to oil, gas, electrical, utility, and combustible dust must wear FR clothes. These are similarly crucial for employees who deal with the same risk variables across several other industries.
  • However, FR attire is typically thought of as the most monotonous kind of attire.
  • The good news is that modern clothes like jeans and t-shirts, both familiar and fashionable, are becoming fire-resistant.
  • Even the exact fashion trends driving the suit’s colors and cuts are now available to them.

Celebrity Fashion Fever in College Campuses

College is the space for young people to express their uninhibited talent after finishing school and dress in whichever they like.

  • You can constantly see a group of young people with various dressing styles, depending on their personalities.
  • The current fashion, and what their favorite celebrities have been wearing recently when you enter a college campus.
  • The hipster look is one of the most popular ” celebrity looks.” The hipster appearance focuses mainly on an unforced sense of style and comfortable, informal clothing that gives the impression that it is not done on purpose.
  • If you walk across campus, you’ll undoubtedly see hipster groups lounging on the lawn or enjoying casual talks.
  • The general public, particularly college students and the current fashion trends, have been greatly influenced by celebrities.
  • Who have always been the most well-known cultural symbols in the form of royalty or positions of authority in the government, movie stars, or even reality TV personalities.