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The electric epilator promises the same result as waxing (3 to 4 weeks between hair removal). Easy to use, it can be taken anywhere and requires nothing but a power outlet!

You will find on the market different models (rotating head, mini pliers, spring, and you can opt for the one that suits you best.

For the cosier, the electric epilator can be an exciting option. Many models have a painkiller option (massage or refrigerated head), making hair removal possible even for sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, the electric epilator is unsuitable for women for more sensitive areas such as the bikini or armpits. It is also a depilatory method accessible to all because we quickly take the hand.

On the other hand, the hairs must be long enough (5 mm minimum) but not too long (no more than 10 mm), and the operation may take a little time.

How to Use An Electric Epilator? Here’s How to Do it.

Prepare for hair removal

  • Waxing with an electric epilator requires a minimum of time, do not do it at the last moment.
  • Do a scrub one or two days before the hair removal session to limit ingrown hairs during regrowth.
  • Take a hot shower to dilate the pores and make hair removal easier.
  • Dry yourself entirely and perfectly.
  • Sit comfortably and plug in the device if it is not used off.

Which Electric Epilator to Choose?

Remember to check the number of forceps that the electric epilator has. The fewer they are, the less painful the moment will be. However, you will spend more time in the bathroom. Rest assured, though, that features are specifically designed to alleviate pain. A model equipped with massage rollers is a good compromise for those who want a quick result without suffering (or almost).

The choice of gears is also a criterion to be considered. Even if most models are now equipped with this option. For those who want to start smoothly and are not too used to the electric epilator, begin with a gentle speed.

It eliminates fine hair and does not attack certain sensitive areas (we go soft on the jersey!). An accelerated rate is recommended to remove the thickest hairs quickly.

Wax With the Epilator

Suppose you have never waxed before with such a device. Start from the front of the leg to the front of the calf. Where the skin is less thin, you can test your resistance to pain.

Stretch the area’s skin to be depilated with one hand and hold the device in the other. Pass the device slowly over the area to be depilated without pressing excessively (you may irritate the skin).

Iron several times on the same area until the hair disappears completely. Repeat the operation as often as necessary by stretching the skin with one hand, using the device with the other and progressing zone by area.

Are You Wired Or Wireless?

Opting for a wireless epilator has several significant advantages. Convenient, you can take it anywhere with you, and it doesn’t force you to stay near an electrical outlet. Recharge it regularly and check the battery life before your hair removal session. It can vary between 30 minutes and 1h30, depending on the model.

Some devices are sometimes long to charge but have a very long battery life! You can use it twice a row without the risk of falling into the harbour. The only downside of wireless devices? A battery that wears out quickly and becomes less efficient over time.

A model plugs into the mains is undoubtedly more restrictive but avoids the blow of the breakdown very frustrating in the middle of a hair removal session!

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