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Excessive Hydration Damage to the Skin


Excessive hydration can sometimes damage the skin. Moisturizers protect the skin from harmful sunlight and improve its appearance with anti-ageing properties. However, excessive use of moisturizers can damage the skin. There are risks of hydration if used in large quantities, including:

Although moisturizing the skin is very important for enhancing freshness and radiance, overuse causes damage to your skin because the skin can only absorb the required amount of moisturizer. To find out the damage to excess moisture to the skin, “” follow the following lines:

Excessive hydration of the skin exhausts the skin

It can cause congestion, bumps and blisters. Excessive hydration contributes to the appearance of inflammation symptoms and skin redness.

It helps dry and peel the skin. The skin may look dry because the skin stops producing the necessary nutrients caused by excessive moisturizing of the skin.

The accumulation of excess water, fat and proteins that are the building blocks of the skin can slow down the production of these nutrients essential to the skin.

Excessive use of moisturizing creams leads to the recent accumulation of skin and its appearance in the form of sharp pins due to the inability of the skin to disassemble the chemicals found in moisturizing creams. Skin rash, dermatitis. Increase skin fat.

A Natural Alternative to Skin Moisturizer to Avoid Excessive Hydration

Avocado is a natural moisturizer for the skin. You can take care of your skin by using natural moisturizing ingredients at home twice a week. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Avocado: Apply the mashed avocado pulp to the face and wash after 10 minutes.
  2. Honey: Spread a layer of honey on the face and wash it after 20 minutes.
  3. Aloe vera gel: Put aloe vera gel on the face and wash after 10 minutes. Aloe vera helps moisturize the skin

How to Choose Moisturizing Creams According to Skin Type

It is recommended to select the suitable moisturizing creams for the skin type
It would help if you decided on high-quality creams and a well-known brand so as not to cause any damage to the skin. Keep in mind the choice of moisturizing creams that suit the skin type.

Oily Skin Moisturizers

Lotion skin moisturizers are preferred for oily skin because they contain a high percentage of water so as not to irritate the skin or the appearance of grains. It is preferable to choose oil-free facial moisturizers that do not cause clogged skin pores and are free of ingredients that may stimulate the formation of pimples, such as oil gel, cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Regular Skin Moisturizers

It is preferable to choose a water moisturizer formula. Regular skin moisturizers often contain silicone-derived substances, such as Cyclomethicone.

Dry Skin Moisturizers

It is preferable to choose thick-textured moisturizers made from oils that contain compounds that help the skin retain moisture if they are intended to resist severe dehydration, such as lactic acid and oil gel.

Sensitive Skin Moisturizers

It is preferable to choose moisturizers containing soothing ingredients, such as chamomile and aloe vera gel, that are acid-free and perfumed.

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