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Fake Septum Piercing – Essential, Experience, and More

Fake Septum Piercing

In a fake septum piercing, the cartilage in the nose is punctured to provide the appearance of having a septum piercing.

You can achieve this by wearing jewelry that passes through the nostril and fastens to the front of the nose or utilizing a clip-on nose ring.

Because they provide all the advantages of a conventional septum piercing without discomfort, risk, or commitment, they are growing in popularity.

Additionally, they are simple to take off and go with any outfit!

Fake septum piercings are the ideal way to achieve this, whether you want to try with a new look or add a little edge to your current appearance.

What do you need to know before getting your fake septum piercing?

1. It’s essential to choose the right jewelry

  • A clip-on nose ring or a piece of jewelry that enters the nostril and fastens to the front of the nose is frequently used to create fake septum piercings.
  • It’s best to speak with a piercer or someone educated about body modification if you’re unclear about the type of jewelry you desire.

2. The placement of the piercing is important

  • The center of the cartilage, precisely beneath the nose bridge, is where fake septum piercings should be positioned.
  • This positioning will guarantee that the piercing seems natural and doesn’t obstruct your ability to breathe.

3. You may experience some discomfort

  • Even though false septum piercings don’t hurt as much as real ones, you could feel discomfort when the jewelry is first inserted.
  • It is typical and will pass in a few days.

4. The healing process is typically shorter

  • Because they don’t penetrate as much tissue as standard septum piercings, they typically heal more quickly.
  • To avoid infection, it’s still crucial to clean the piercing frequently and refrain from touching it unless necessary.

5. You can remove the jewelry at any time

  • The fact that these piercings are temporary is one of their many advantages.
  • Take off the jewelry; the piercing will naturally heal if you no longer want it.
  • If you’re considering acquiring one, complete your research and speak with an expert before deciding.
  • A fake septum piercing is a terrific method to give your appearance a little edge without the discomfort or long-term commitment of an actual septum piercing.

How Long Do Fake Septum Piercing Last?

False septum piercings are removable at any moment and are not permanent.

However, if the jewelry is well-made and taken care of, it can last very long.

Can I Get A Permanent Septum Piercing?

  • The conventional septum piercing is available as a permanent option.
  • It is more painful and takes longer to recover since this piercing penetrates the cartilage and the tissue underneath.
  • A traditional septum piercing also has a higher risk of infection.
  • Be sure to speak with a qualified piercer about the hazards if you consider getting a traditional septum piercing.

What Jewelry Can be Used for Fake Septum Piercing?

  • For fake septum piercings, clip-on nose rings and fake septum rings that pass through the nostril and attach to the front of the nose are frequently utilizing.
  • It’s best to speak with a piercer or someone educated about body modification if you’re unclear about the type of jewelry you desire.

How Much Fixes It Cost To Get A Fake Septum Piercing?

  • The price will change based on the jewelry selected and the location of the piercing.
  • A faux septum piercing often costs $30 to $60.

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