Individual Networking: I think people feel incompetent when it comes to networking because they think they have to sell themselves. Selling yourself is indeed part of the operation, but you do not have to project a false image of yourself or create a character for yourself.

Doing business is about building relationships. Suppose you’ve learned anything from what I’ve already told you. In that case, I’d like it to be essential to gain the trust of your existing and potential customers or negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with your partners and suppliers.

Individual Networking: However, it doesn’t all stop there. For the success of your business, it is crucial that you continually work to build and maintain your network.

You may feel like you’re performing, but the key to networking is authenticity. In short, be yourself. Let the people you bond with make their own decision to do business with you.

Why Networking?

The bonds you make – like the ones you break – will always catch up with you. You can meet people at the grocery store, social gatherings, business conventions, or annual general meetings. Individual networking you may not hear about these people for a long time, maybe a year or two, but be patient.

Networking is about planting seeds to cultivate the future. The relationships created today may bring you customers, in 2022. To do this, you must participate in events outside of business hours. Early in my career, I received good advice from a great mentor who said, “Ken, we do business from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The rest of the time, we make them grow.

This mentor was a master of networking and relationship development. He had recognized the value of extending his working day by participating in this activity. What did he get out of it? He began his career sweeping the floors of a company where he eventually became President and CEO.

The Growing Network Requires Daily Attention

Socialize! Often. Every day, you should expand your network by forging links. Some people are good relationships, like a partner you meet at a conference or a potential customer you stumble upon during a trade show. Others might surprise you, like the cashier at the corner store or the owner of your favourite restaurant.

Propose your help.

I have already told you about the importance of being a leader in serving others and meeting their needs. Attention to others when it comes to networking is like sunlight for plants. It will strengthen your ties and grow your network.


Introverts will be happy to learn that to build a strong network, you must ask questions but mainly listen to the answers without talking too much. Please get to know people, how they work and what they need. Show them your interest, and find out how you can help them.

Join groups and associations.

Either on social media or in person, be part of associations or groups that genuinely interest you. For example, we are interested in what affects our daily lives in the business world. Your contacts with like-minded people and other entrepreneurs will significantly pay off in the long run.


Find charities or community administrations you believe in. As I’ve written before, volunteering is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to change the world. It’s also an outstanding chance to connect with other entrepreneurs who care about the exact causes as you.

Respond quickly.

As with customers, responding fast is crucial when building relationships. It is essential when new relationships communicate with you, even more so if they have recommended your company. Responding fast demonstrates your respect for the person and the opportunity they offer you.