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Krave Beauty – Peer Pressure, Skin Deep, and More

Krave Beauty

Known for their simple skin care products, Krave Beauty has made waves everywhere, and she had to get a piece of that fabulous beauty!

Krave Beauty has made its mark in the world of beauty. They are identified for their simple yet effective skincare products made with good-for-you ingredients.

Peer Pressure -> #PressReset

This insight led to the creation of KraveBeauty. Our company’s founder, Liah Yoo, a skincare enthusiast and YouTube OG had spent all of 2017 searching for items that would magically improve her skin problems.

She had already been there, done that, and most likely developed a zit as a result. She sought advice from all the brands, professionals, and know-how, so why didn’t she have Instagram-worthy skin?

Then it dawned on me: if she was feeling overwhelmed, the rest of us were indeed past our prime. We were so inundated with new fashions and wonder goods that we were more concerned with skincare than our skin. Let’s #PressReset now.

Aha! moment to AHA makers

  • Intending to assist fellow chronic skincare overusers #PressReset on their path, Liah set out to make her lightbulb concept a reality.
  • She founded KraveBeauty with assistance from her neighborhood, a group of classmates who shared her goals, and a strong sense of determination.
  • Since then, our community has grown, and the lightbulb still illuminates the future.

When they zig, we zag?

  • We never intended to be the brand that launches 20 things at once or follows a “million-step regimen.” We desired to shatter the mold rather than fit it.

As a result, we adopted the slogan, “Your skin can do its job; we’re only here to help.” Very catchy, no?

  • Krave Beauty was developed to assist us in reevaluating our connection with skincare and to transform conventional approaches into skin-minded ones that put you (and not goods) in the center of attention.

About Krave Beauty Background

  • Founded by YouTube star Liah Yoo, originally from Korea, all Krave Beauty’s products are formulated there. And they are in line with the K-beauty philosophy.
  • K-beauty is about repairing skin from within, not covering up problems with skin care products. Krave Beauty’s motto is about resetting skin and returning it to what it should be.

Products of Krave Beauty

More than skin deep

  • Being changemakers at heart, we immediately began thinking creatively as soon as we settled into the skincare industry.
  • We concluded that we needed to improve our impact on our community and the environment to truly #PressReset on our industry.
  • We set out on a sustainability and inclusion journey to allocate resources toward creating a more just and sustainable world.
  • Our goal to challenge the status quo has expanded to include all aspects of our business, including our goods, community involvement, and social campaigning.

Series Supplements

Functional (not conventional) targeted solutions.

  • Our Supplement Series restores the balance of your skin while replenishing any deficiencies.
  • It addresses various skincare issues and produces benefits without impairing the microbiome, epidermal barrier, or other inherent properties of your skin. Skin-Friendly Formula
  • We develop skincare products that work with, not against, your skin.
  • Our products are built on non-irritating, non-sensitizing, fragrance-free compositions combined with “skin Krave-able” antioxidants and nutrients because we respect the skin’s inherent functionality.
  • They are offered in their ideal state, with skin-respecting concentrations of tried-and-true active ingredients that give your skin what it needs to function at its peak.

Great Barrier Relief

  • As its ironic name suggests, this serum offers excellent relief to the skin barrier.
  • It is about replenishing energy with this powerful product.
  • Thanks to the combination of skin-repairing oils such as safflower, rosehip, and tamanu, this latest personal star ingredient of Yoo and which.
  • According to her, has drastically reduced her hyperpigmentation.
  • Also including are ceramides, cholesterol, and squalene, all of which are already finding in the skin to restore the complexion to its fullest.

Oat So Simple Water Cream

  • Fewer than ten ingredients go into this nourishing, water-based moisturizer, with oats being the star ingredient.
  • This grain is a standard inclusion in skin care for its anti-inflammatory and anti-pollution properties, as well as being friendly to sensitive skin. This formula was creating using information from multiple sources.
  • You analyzed over 2,300 responses on what constitutes the perfect moisturizer to make this water cream.
  • So you can trust that this bottle contains a complete solution for your needs. Of your skin while it dries.

Beet the sun

  • We’ll say it until our mouths are dry: sunscreen is essential, so use it daily. Still, not all sunscreens are formulating the same, and some tend to aggravate skin sensitivities or leave a white cast.
  • Yoo’s understanding of these struggles has led to her Beet the Sun SPF 50+ PA++++ sunscreen, a product that ticks all the boxes regarding sun protection.
  • Made with beetroot extract and tons of antioxidants to fight free radicals, this lightweight product doesn’t leave white spots, so it’s friendly to all skin tones.


  • Sensitive skin may not be so welcoming regarding chemical exfoliants, especially if you’re starting from scratch.
  • Yoo’s Kale-Lalu-yaha is a highly gentle glycolic acid blending washcloth, so those unfamiliar with chemical exfoliants can trust this is an excellent place to start.
  • Dark leafy greeneries like kale, spinach, and parsley are adding to the formula, all packed with antioxidants to further support skin health.

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