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Metro Inclusive Health – A Timeline of Growth, New Services, and More

Metro Inclusive Health

Metro Inclusive Health, a 501(c)(3) public organization founded in 1993, offers high-quality health and wellness programs that are supportive, inclusive, and relevant to the entire lifetime of the community’s varied population.

The Tampa Bay area’s Health & Community Centers are operational and offer first-rate, all-inclusive medical and social services. However, it includes medical and HIV treatments, social events and workshops, support groups, counseling, health and wellness initiatives, the management of mental medications, and more.

Regardless of color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or socioeconomic status, we provide a healthy environment for everyone and support diversity throughout the community.

A Timeline of Growth


  • Early Responders started offering assistance to the Tampa Bay area’s HIV-positive community through King of Peace Church.


  • Metropolitan Charities’ official incorporation to develop and thrive!


  • Over the Bay
  • HIV case management in Pinellas and Hillsborough began. St. Petersburg thrift store location acquired.


  • New Services
  • Additional Ryan White services, counseling, and linkage for HIV testing.

Annual Reports

Metro Inclusive Health works to broaden its influence in the Tampa Bay area every year.

In 2020, METRO outperformed state and federal rates for HIV care and patient retention, enrolled 2,408 new patients crossways our Health then Community Center locations reached 2,561 youth and young adults through LGBTQ+ community programs, distributed 89,469 condoms through outreach initiatives, and much more. And also, by participating in our ground-breaking Copay It Forward program, insured patients helped us give the under or uninsured $485,163.89 in client support.

These are only a few instances of how we give back to the community; for more information on METRO’s work in meeting urgent needs and building communal spaces in Tampa Bay, please read our Annual Reports or news articles.

The Birth of Metro Inclusive Health

  1. Humble Beginnings
  2. Rapid Growth & New Services
  3. A Natural Leader
  4. Honoring Our Roots

King of Peace Metropolitan Community Church was a tiny, developing house of worship when I joined it in 1984. However, every six months or so, however, we staged a series of fundraisers where church members opened their homes to host elegant cocktail parties for a donation of $25 per person to increase participation and activity with the King of Peace.

The term “Metropolitan Charities” was entirely fictitious. Thus, we avoided publicizing cocktail parties to raise money for a church (King of Peace). However, king of Peace was the first neighborhood house of worship to welcome persons infected and impacted by the illness in the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

Early on, volunteers worked to organize and put up SDIA: Pinellas County’s first AIDS support group, counseling sessions, a food bank, and more. However, these volunteer programs received significant funds due to Metropolitan Charities’ fundraising events.

I first encountered an AIDS patient/activist, a young guy I eventually represented, at the initial meeting to form SDIA, which was held at my home. Lawrence Konrad, my longtime companion, was one of the original co-chairs of SDIA (regarding legal matters).

Healthcare at METRO

  • However, for the most centralized approach to your health, Metro Inclusive Health provides over 100 health, wellness.
  • And pharmaceutical services via TeleHealth and in state-of-the-art Health & Community Centers throughout Tampa Bay.

A Holistic Approach to Your Health

  • With locations across Tampa Bay, METRO provides individualized treatment in a friendly setting where your concerns are acknowledged and your medical needs are completely met.
  • And also, because of this, we provide more than 100 activities and services to meet the needs of the many members of our community.
  • And also, more care is available with less paperwork, thanks to consolidating over 100 services under one roof.
  • However, the only organization in the region still providing both primary care and HIV care and treatment is Metro Inclusive Health.

Labs & Pharmacy on-site

Why not hurry up? Save yourself the extra trip to the pharmacy or lab. For your convenience, we have laboratories and a pharmacy right here. Is Std testing on the same day? Yes!

  • Prescriptions can be picked up at your neighborhood METRO Health & Community Center or delivered to your house.

What is the Value of Your Investment?

  •  Availability of inclusive care

  • However, METRO provides more than 100 programs and services to help people and families in Tampa Bay live healthy, happy lives.
  • However, regardless of insurance status, everyone in our community may access inclusive care thanks to our Copay It Forward program and sliding-scale pricing.
  •  Safe Spaces

  • METRO provides youth, young adults, and elders with programs that profoundly impact the LGBTQ+ community.
  • However, for those who might otherwise experience loneliness and depression, these programs provide crucial social support networks.
  • Community Support

  • In Tampa Bay, housing and food security are primary requirements. Along with participating in neighborhood mobile food pantries.
  • However, METRO has started a new housing project to help customers with rent, security deposits, and other basic requirements.

• HIV Prevention, Care, & Early Intervention

  • Our Early Intervention Services are intended to engage and retain afresh diagnosed and out-of-care HIV-positive persons in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.
  • However, to deliver linkage to critical care, and to give treatment. These services also include free HIV testing, However, HIV medical care, and case organization.

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