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NSE: CDSL – Central Depository Services (India) Limited Share Price


nse: cdsl – According to, The Central Depository Services (India) Limited is an India based company. Which is involved in providing depository services, data processing services and others. Moreover, the company operates through three segments, there are Depository segment, Data Entry and storage and Repository. Hence, the Depository segment includes providing various services to the investors like dematerialization, rematerialization, holdings, transfer and pledge of securities in electronic form and providing e-voting services to the company.

Furthermore, Data entry and storage segment relates to centralized records keeping of know your customer documents of the capital market investors. However, repository segment provides policyholders, warehouses receipt holders a facility to keep insurance policies/warehouse receipts in the electronic form and to undertake the changes, modifications and revisions in the policy and receipts. Therefore, it also offers e-locker, myeasi mobile apps, m-voting, smart and electronic access to securities information and execution of secure transactions.

Indeed, Central Depository is involved in the business activities of Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding activities. So, the company’s Total Operating Revenue is Rs. 414.80 Cr. and Equity Capital is Rs. 104.50 Cr. for the Year ended 03/31/2022. Hence, Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. is a Public Limited Listed company incorporated on 12/12/1997 and has its registered office in the State of Maharashtra, India. Company’s Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is L67120MH1997PLC112443 and registration number is 112443.

Brief Description of nse: cdsl

Brief Description of nse: cdsl

As per the study by, Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) is engaged in providing depository services and has a market capitalization of Rs. 12,862.91 crores as of 16th August ‘2021. Hence, The company was incorporated in February 1999. So, It has reported its consolidated net sales at Rs. 103.09 crores in March 2021 quarter. The National Stock Exchange has assigned the scrip code nse: CDSL. However, it is not listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). As of 16th August ‘2021. So, the stocks of the company was trading at Rs. 1240.50.

Furthermore, nse: CDSL is the first Indian central depository established in Mumbai. Hence, It was established to provide convenient, secure, and dependable depository services to all market participants at rock-bottom cost. So, the company’s main function is to assist in holding and transacting securities electronically and facilitating trades on stock exchanges.

Therefore, nse: CDSL passes the majority of CANSLIM Investment criteria. For the March 2021 quarter, the company reported a quarterly Net Profit of Rs. 51.74 crores, up 80.93% from Rs. 28.60 crores the previous quarter. EBITDA of the company stood at Rs. 70.56 crores in Mar’ 2021 up 81.48% from Rs. 38.88 crores in March 2020. The EPS has increased to Rs. 4.95 from 2.74 in the last 12 months. The Return on Equity (ROE) has been declining for the last two years, indicating the inefficient use of shareholder funds. The company’s shares are trading at a high PE ratio of 64.48 against the industry PE of 61.94. Indeed, Over the last five years, the company’s market share has risen from 5.55% to 18.07%. Hence, The shares of CDSL closes at Rs. 1230.65 on 13th August ‘2021 on NSE and had given a 238.55% return during the last 12 months.

Is nse: CDSL Stock a Good buy Right now?

Is nse: CDSL Stock a Good buy Right now?

According to the study by, The company has report a massive double-digit growth on all fronts like revenue, income, and net profit in the quarter ended September. Moreovere, Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) is the leading provider of depository services in India. Having a monopolistic business. However, the company sees a brighter future as more and more demat accounts have been open since last year. Hence, the company is enjoying increasing revenues and profits YoY and aims to do well in near future too.

Furthermore, nse: CDSL is a mid-cap company with a market share of Rs 16,701 crore and a sector leader, the stock has zoomed 195% on a YTD basis. Interestingly, CDSL has a PE of 65.59 which is far less than its sector of 101.94, which shows that CDSL is not overly value at this point. However, a major stake is held by the retail portion (41%) while the promoters, FII and DII hold 20%, 15% and 14% stake respectively.

Therefore, The stock of nse: cdsl is up by over 6% on Monday and with this, it has marked a fresh high. Furthermore, the volume has also seen a sharp rise. So, the positive directional movement (+DMI) crossed the -DMI a few trading sessions back and is currently well above it. Hence, It shows strong strength and potential in the stock. It has taken out its all-time high and looks to move further in its uncharted territory. So, the stock looks technically strong on all fronts and fundamentally sound. Indeed, CDSL is certainly an attractive bet and traders shouldn’t miss the opportunity in this stock.

nse: cdsl Clients Must be Fit to Trade in Depository, NSE Tells Brokers

nse: cdsl Clients Must be Fit to Trade in Depository, NSE Tells Brokers

As per the study by, with CDSL set to list on NSE post its IPO. So, the stock exchange has ask brokers to ensure their clients are ‘fit and proper’ to invest in securities of the depository as prescribe by market regulator Sebi norms. Hence, the Central Depository Services (India) Ltd (CDSL), promote by BSE, would launch its initial public offering (IPO) on 19 June.

Furthermore, An individual would be consider ‘fit and proper’ if he has a financial integrity and good reputation, among others. Furthermore, the person/entity should not have been convict by a court for any offense involving moral turpitude or any economic offense or any offense against the securities laws. So, among others, the person/entity should not be barred from accessing the securities market. Therefore, CDSL would become the first depository to be lists on the domestic capital markets.

Central Dep. Service Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report. Is Central Dep. Service an Attractive Stock to Invest in?

Central Dep. Service Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report. Is Central Dep. Service an Attractive Stock to Invest in?

About 2% of the total population of India invests in financial assets. The mutual fund industry penetration in India is close to 7% (based on the number of PAN cardholders). Additionally, this low penetration of the mutual fund industry provides an excellent growth opportunity for the industry. Therefore, the migration to financial thrift, wider distribution and sustainable performance are expected to enable industry growth as per the study by

Understand the functions of the Central Department. Best service, you need to go through the following:

Key Finances  – nse: cdsl

Profitability: Business Profit Margin (PAT Margin) shows how well a business controls its costs. It is one of the important indicators to show the financial health of the company. The net profit of the company is Rs 263.76 Cr and the compound profit growth over the last 3 years is 46.22%. Central Dep’s PAT margin. The service is 63.59%.

EPS growth: Investors should ensure that the EPS figure is growing faster than the revenue figures as this indicates that the management of the company is increasing the efficiency with which it runs the business. In the Department of Central Services, UPA increased by 64.79% IA.

Financial Ratios  – nse: cdsl

Financial Ratios - nse_ cdsl

Return on Equity (ROE): The nse: cdsl company has a strong ROE record. Central Dep’s ROE. The service is at 34.42% for the last year.

P/E ratio: Relative valuation measures like the P/E ratio can be use to see if shares of Central Dep. Service are worth at current levels at Rs 1,003.25. The stock is trading at a current P/E of 58.65 and the average historical P/E over the past 5 years was 39.70.

The P/B ratio can be one of the best metrics to evaluate these companies. Currently, nse: cdsl Central Dep. The service is trading at a P/B of 9.79. The average historical P/B for the past 5 years was 8.55. This can be compare to the market price per share to know if the stock is undervalue or overvalue.

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