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Oily skin owners may think they were born with a permanent problem that is difficult to control and get rid of, and many of them have tried many cosmetic and medical treatments to no avail! Or their previous problems soon began after a while.

Do you suffer from excess oils, open pores, shine, especially in the forehead and nose area, and in many cases, you may have annoying pills. So these are the signs of oily skin that you are the owners of!
Skin cells usually produce natural oils that help them maintain healthy skin.

Still, sometimes this production may exceed normal, causing skin defects, acne and other problems that accompany what is known as oily skin.

Here we will reassure you and guide you to simple. Necessary and essential steps in controlling and treating oily skin problems. As recommended by skin specialists:

Make Sure to Use the Suitable Lotion for Oily Skin

Choosing the correct type of cleanser washer for your skin is essential, ensuring your skin is cleaned and sterilized every morning and evening. Specialists are usually advised to use gentle detergents on the skin and avoid harsh soap options that can irritate the skin and increase the secretion of oils.

It is also recommended to prevent rubbing the face, especially when drying it with a towel. This process may increase the release of skin oils, so be sure to dry your face gently while making sure the towel is clean and be unique to you alone, and no one else uses it either.

When choosing a sponsor cleanser to contain one of the eye acids that are the most famous in the face of oils and their balance and acne treatment:

  • Salicylic acid willow acid.
  • Glycolic acid.
  • Beta-hydroxy acid.

When choosing any product that contains one of these acids. We advise you to try it for a while by purchasing a small amount; if it is not effective and appropriate, it may turn into another product experience.

As for the water you use to wash your face or skin, we do not recommend using hot water that may irritate the skin. But rather lukewarm water. It’s time to treat acne and oily skin.

Is It Necessary To Use Toners for Oily Skin?

Of course, it is essential to mention here the use of tonic “toner”. Which is usually promoted by a large group of cosmetic specialists as the best solution to the problem of grains and wide pores. Being a cleanser and cleanser of the skin. And contributing to the organization of its secretions!

The fact is that skin specialists are divided into two parts in terms of being a treatment for grain. And oily skin problems. You find some of them encourage its use. And another section may not see a positive effect on the skin. Still, on the contrary. It may irritate the skin and can lead to the release of more oils.

Many specialists are advised to use the tonic on specific areas only if the oily skin decides to use it. These areas include the forehead, chin and nose. While avoiding its use on dry areas of the skin can lead to spots on the skin.

What about medicinal fat absorption towels, blotting paper and Loose powder powders?

Some specialized medical towels treat oily skin. Which many people prefer because they help regulate Elliot’s secretion in the skin and are easy to use and can be carried in your wallet and where you go. They may contain willow acid, glycolic and other therapeutic acids in their ingredients. Making them effective in combating acne.

As an alternative to therapeutic towels and a quick solution to get rid of the oils, your skin produces during the day and during a long, hard day. Blotting paper will be ideal for absorbing and disposing of these oils. You can carry it with you in the wallet and use it at any time by placing it for 15 to 20 seconds on fatty areas such as the forehead, nose and chin.

Make Sure You Use An Oil-Free Sunscreen

What is not disputed is the importance of sunscreen to protect the skin and skin from ultraviolet rays and damage. Using traditional sunscreens usually causes a problem for oily skin owners as they are generally not absorbed and close pores. However, some products, especially gel and oil-free creams, are intended only for oily skin. Some makeup may provide sun protection and can be used.

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