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What is a Phone Systems? – PBX Phone, Cloud, and More

What is a Phone Systems?

A business handset system is a multiline phone system built to facilitate the unique needs of business communication. It handles large call volumes and provides higher features for efficient call management: Commerce phone systems route all the inbound, outbound, and internal phone calls made within an organisation.

How does Business Phone System work?

  • Find out how Exotel’s Business Phone System mechanism and how you can use it in this video
  • How Exotel’s business phone solution works
  • cloud-call-center-software-solutions
  • Customer facing number

Have a single number that your clients can reach out to you on. This shape must be easy to remember and used in all your collaterals.

  • Get a near number
  • Get a near digit from Exotel. Divert calls from your customer-facing figure to your near number.
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  • customise-call-flow-with-cloud-call-center
  • Personalise the call flow in the console
  • Improve your caller knowledge by creating an IVR greeting and customising the call flow.
  • Divert calls the right agent
  • Calls can be in retreat to the suitable agents with our standard call dispenser feature.
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What are the Different Types of Commerce Phone Systems?

PBX Phone Systems:

By circuit-switched telephony, private branch exchange enable voice communiqué over the PSTN or Public Switch Telephone Network. It means that voices transmit over physical copper wire networks in the form of analogue signals. There are two types of PBX telephone systems:

What is a Private Branch Exchange? | PBX receiver systems

On-prem PBX Phone Systems

On-prem PBX handset systems come with bulky hardware – PBX servers, physical wires, particular phones, etc.

They share a trunk line with an internal phone, meaning the system users can speak to each other without using outer lines.

These phone systems use for both external plus internal messages.

They are infrastructure-heavy, classy, and challenging to maintain. Also, offer soft suppleness and control.

Cloud PBX Phone Systems

In a clarified PBX phone system, businesses have entrance to a web-based blur telephony platform that provides all the features of an on-prem PBX phone system.

There’s no need for particular hardware. Calls can route to agents’ portable phones or typical business phones.

Cloud offer extra features, control, flexibility, and visibility that would be impossible to achieve with traditional PBX  .

However, the cloud telephony supplier takes care of all the specialised call switching and routing required from the cloud, leaving businesses with only one job – making and receiving calls.

Cloud PBX | Alternatives to PBX phone systems

VoIP Phone Systems:

Voice over Internet Protocol before VoIP phone system employs the IP network to transmit voice communication. And also, They use packet-switched telephony to spread and receive message data above the internet, resulting in lower general call rates. And also, In most cases, these phone systems interface with PSTN via adapters. It allows VoIP telephone systems to route calls to and from the PSTN system. They can further remain secret into two types:

On-prem VoIP Phone Systems

And also, These are call IP-PBX phone systems and are comparable to on-prem PBX telephone in their architecture. The difference is that inset of a personal branch exchange, they have a VoIP server that acts as the central point for all statements and instead of regular phones, VoIP-enabled phones are necessary to create/receive a call

And also, The calls are sent and conventional over the internet.

These phone systems have numerous advantages over the on-prem PBX – cost efficiency and ability to transmit and receive other forms of multimedia, in addition to voice.

And also, On-prem VoIP are infrastructure-dependent, exclusive, and bulky.

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems

These offer all the skin and benefits of an on-prem VoIP system without bulky hardware and high installation cost.

A VoIP provider takes care of all on the cloud, and all businesses need VoIP-enabled devices that can make and receive calls.

These are easy to set up and need no repairs. With a VoIP phone system, businesses can pay for what they use and scale on the go.


An commerce phone systems is a multiline phone scheme that often includes such features as unlimiting calling, automate menus, ring group to call multiple employees simultaneously, voicemail-to-email functionality and call recording. And also, Types of business comprise Voice over Internet Protocol , private branch exchange and entire system unit. The best phone systems for small businesses use VoIP technology, which allows you to use your business’s internet connection for the whole system.

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