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The Best Primer for Large Pores. Ways to Stop the Pores Foundation

Best Primer for Large Pores – We all know that structure is supposed to make us look flawless, but sometimes it can be hard to achieve this look.

Your pores could look like polka dots after applying foundation, and there are two main reasons why that might be happening. Your skincare routine or makeup application technique may not be the best for you!

How do you prevent polka dot pores? Check these seven ways to stop the foundation from settling in pores.

Cleaning Your Skin

If you have large pores, it’s essential to use a gentle cleanser. A harsh one will only aggravate the problem and strip away your skin’s natural sebum. It can result in the over production of oil, leading to big pores and acne.

Overwashing is also a bad habit, as it can trigger oil production.

It’s best to wash your features NOT more than twice a day. In the sunset, cleanse your face to remove all the dirt and makeup. In the morning, cleanse to get rid of all the oil and dirt from overnight.

Sleeping with your makeup on is not recommended. It can trap dead skin cells during the night and cause clogged pores. It leads to more acne, blackhead and breakouts.

Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells or dull skin from the skin’s surface. It helps prevent clogged pores which allow for a smooth makeup application.

Salicylic acid exfoliators like this gentle exfoliator are an excellent option for oily skin. Salicylic acid can penetrate the pores to unclog them.

You need to ensure you are not over-exfoliating the skin to avoid irritation. When just starting, use it in moderation and test how your skin will react to it.

Big polka Dot pores

Exfoliating products with charcoal like this one are also suitable for oily skin. They can help clean out the pores and prevent acne.

This Bestsellers Set includes a cleanser, mask, lotion, serum, and moisturiser. The look wash gently cleanses the skin, and the charcoal mask removes excess oil that could lead to blackheads.

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Dry skin also needs exfoliation to eliminate flaky and dead skin cells. Try to avoid harsh ones and opt for a gentle exfoliator.

This Exfoliation Kit is an excellent option if you are unsure if exfoliant is right for you. You can start experimenting with gentle BHA and AHA exfoliators, as each of these works uniquely to address a wide range of concerns.

Many people have big pores around the nose area; check these tips and tricks to stop the foundation from separating from your nose.

Moisturising The Skin

A moisturiser helps smooth the skin’s surface for a smooth makeup application.

Apply based on dry skin can cause the makeup to settle into the pores or even into any fine lines or wrinkles.

For dry skin, avoid moisturisers with alcohol which can be very drying.

I like the Cerave moisturising cream. It has a light formula that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. It soothes dry skin and wears beautifully under makeup, which is essential.

Cerave Cream

Best Primer for Large Pores – The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream is an excellent choice for oily skin. It has glycerin and hyaluronic acid that gently hydrates the skin without making it feel greasy. Its water gel formula absorbs quickly into the skin and wears well under makeup.

Choose The Best Foundation Type For Big Pores

Best Primer for Large Pores – Some foundations settle into the pores much more than others. Shimmery foundations, for example, can emphasise the look of large pores. Choose a foundation that helps to blur the pores.

Silicone-based foundations with mattifying properties work best for big pores. Silicone can blur the skin, which gives you a smoother look.

There are many good foundations for large pores and drugstore foundations that work well for big pores or large pores and dry skin.

Choose a lightweight foundation that gives the skin a velvet or matte finish. Thick foundations can also look heavy and make your face look older.

Tip: Apply a thin foundation layer to the areas with larger pores.

Cream and liquid foundations are more likely to give the polka dot pores effect. If none of these formulas works for you, try to use powder instead of liquid foundations, as they can look better on people with big pores.


Best Primer for Large Pores – Mix your foundation and moisturiser for a natural look. This trick will help your foundation blend better and will hydrate your skin at the same time.

A powder foundation is an excellent choice if your skin is oily because it absorbs excess oil. It helps minimise pores’ appearance, resulting in a smoother complexion.

Here are some of the best powders for older skin if you have mature skin. It includes much light to medium coverage powder foundations.

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