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Sleeping Duck Mattress – Overview, Features, and More

Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck Mattress: The only hybrid mattress (coil support and foam comfort) that allows customization to achieve your ideal fit is the Sleeping Duck Mattress.

You can even have one half of your mattress firm and the other medium, in addition to choosing between firm and medium.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase after making it, you can change it for free. This outstanding, distinctive quality distinguishes Sleeping Duck mattress from its rivals.

Sleeping Duck Company Overview

In 2014, two engineers in Melbourne founded Sleeping Duck, believing they could create the top mattress available.

Although their well-known mattress is their primary offering, Sleeping Duck also produces bed bases, bedding essentials, and even a dog bed.

Owned by Australians is Sleeping Duck. While the other parts and mattress assembly are made in China, the foams inside your Sleeping Duck mattress are manufactured in Australia.

Like other mattress-in-a-box businesses vying for your business, Sleeping Duck offers excellent customer service (a requirement when making such a necessary purchase online).

However, Sleeping Duck goes above and beyond their rivals: 40 nights after you buy a mattress, they’ll get in touch to check how it’s working out for you.

It is the ideal opportunity to determine whether the mattress is ideal for you or whether you need to benefit from the free firmness adjustments.

Here’s what else you’ll find in this Sleeping Duck Mattress review:

  • Overview of the Sleeping Duck Company
  • Features of the Sleeping Duck Mattress
  • How to Use Sleeping Duck
  • Prices for Sleeping Duck Mattress
  • What Is The Feel Of A Sleeping Duck Mattress Mattress?
  • Is the Sleeping Duck Mattress the Right One for You?
  • Do Sleeping Duck mattresses have any issues?
  • What Are Those Who Love Theirs Saying? (Reviews by Actual Users)
  • Final Verdict

Sleeping Duck Mattress Features

Being a hybrid mattress, Sleeping Duck includes cleverly built foams in the comfort layers and pocket coils for mattress support. The mattress is 31 cm tall overall, making it far more profound than many other mattresses in boxes you may be looking into. The components of the [Sleeping Duck Mattress] are broken down in the following manner:

Bamboo Cover (1 cm thick)

  • Breathable
  • Soft to touch
  • Naturally antimicrobial

One of the few businesses I’ve seen, Sleeping Duck, uses bamboo in its cover, and I think it’s a significant plus. It will feel softer compared to typical polyester blends that lack antibacterial qualities.

Hyper-Adaptive™ Foam (4 cm thick)

  • Combines the buoyancy of latex with the pressure-relieving capability of memory foam.
    from Australia
  • The white layer in the image above is the foam comfort layer. Thanks to its quick response to body weight and maximum pressure relief design, you won’t sink too far into the mattress.
  • It sounds pretty much like the Kloudcell foam that is found within Koala mattresses.

Customizable High-Density Foam (6 cm thick)

  • High-density polyurethane foam regulates firmness; you can choose between medium and firm.
  • The GECA seal of approval indicates that the product has completed testing to demonstrate that it benefits both the environment and you.
  • Go here to learn more about GECA.
  • This foam is purple in the image above. Please note that Sleeping Duck changed the colors of their dyes, making the firm a dark grey and the medium a light grey.
  • You can move this foam layer around or in and out of the mattress to alter the firmness. It feels stiffer since it has a higher density than the Hyper-Adaptive foam above.
  • The comfortable Hyper-Adaptive foam and the supportive pocket coils below will work as a transition layer if you leave it in the middle of the mattress, as I have shown above.

5 Zone Pocket Springs (20 cm thick)

  • 5 zone support to provide your body with focused support
  • The movement of the pocket coils is independent of one another to reduce partner disturbance and provide superior support.
  • strengthened edges

It’s great to see zoning within a mattress in a box that isn’t outrageously expensive because in-store brands frequently reserve it as an up-sell for luxury mattress models.

A thin layer of high-density foam acting as a base for the coils to sit on appears to be the only item other companies provide that is absent from this mattress.

They appear to be in direct contact with the cover’s bottom within Sleeping Duck.

Sleeping Duck made a serious effort to select high-quality materials that would last time. It has been tested on two individuals weighing up to 140 kg each to replicate 10 years of sleep.

The entire mattress (as well as its components) is put through a series of compression tests using a large roller that applies tremendous force to see how the mattress holds up to imitate this.

It is quite comforting for you because it can be challenging to predict how long a mattress will last, and foam sagging is a regular worry.

How Sleeping Duck Works?

The three most typical arrangements for your [Sleeping Duck Mattress] are shown in the image above; these are your choices when ordering.

Please note that the layer with the adjustable stiffness no longer comes in purple or white but rather in light grey for medium firmness and dark grey for firmness.

As was previously described. There are three steps to correctly determining firmness:

  • Choose between Medium or Firm to start with
  • Change your firmness
  • free of charge for the first 100 nights
  • if the first option doesn’t work.

Either set this up during your 40-night check or visit the website and submit a form asking for a firmness change. They’ll send you a fresh layer of foam to test out.

After adjusting the firmness, if the mattress doesn’t seem right, Sleeping Duck will pick it up and refund your money (as long as you request your refund within the 100-night trial period)

You can have a distinct feeling on different sides of the mattress, as seen in the image. It is fantastic news for couples where one partner prefers a firmer mattress than the other because it eliminates the need for compromise.

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