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Touch Cast 55m Accenture


Touch Cast 55m Accenture – Touchcast a main virtual experience company, these days introduced it has raised $55 million in series. A funding from Accenture Ventures, Alexander capital Ventures, Saatchi Invest, Ronald Lauder and others. The funding will be used to scale Touchast’s virtual events platform, which combines the strength of Al and blended truth to transform how organizations communicate and collaborate.

The Global marketplace for virtual is projected to attain more than $four hundred billion by way of 2027. With business enterprise investment in infrastructure, services and technology. Such as Al driving this boom. Touchcast is assembly the moment by using handing over era that is going properly past a static on-line video enjoy. Its virtual occasion platform offers a captivating, interactive and insightful revel in that permits attendees to really connect, because it transported to an in-person event.

With the blended associated, the touchcast platform enables actual time know-how sharing and collaboration. Including stay transcription and translation, allowing even attendees to capture and synthesize their collective intelligence. The platform intuitive design also eliminates the boundaries of language, time or distance, making communique actionable and discovereable for destiny reference.

Touch Cast 55m Accenture – The Touchcast is the arena’s leading digital experience organisation. A pioneer is using combined reality and Al, Touchcast offers a incorporated answer that facilitates to enterprises talk and collaborate efficaciously and flow employees, partners and clients to do so as per the studies by

What is Touch Cast? Touch Cast 55m Accenture

What is Touch Cast_ Touch Cast 55m Accenture

The Touchcast is an award winning group of passionate investors, the storytellers, developers, designers and producers who thrive on challenging the status quo in pursuit of our mission to improve peoples lives through the power of extraordinary experiences.

As per the studies by, the Touchcast is a globally distributed company with offices in the United States, India, Ukraine and Israel. Virtual events and experiences platform Touchcast Inc. today announced the launch of MCity, its enterprise-scale metaverse product designed to enable businesses to integrate their operations into virtual spaces. for meetings, conferences and everyday work.

Mixed reality and artificial intelligence services company Touchcast has launched MCity, an enterprise metaverse where any business can deliver communication, collaboration, commerce and learning experiences.

Businesses can claim their address in the metaverse by registering their .metaverse domain. Powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA’s cloud GPUs and AI, Accenture’s technology services and industry expertise, and Microsoft’s cloud, MCity advances the concept of Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) .

What is Accenture? Touch Cast 55m Accenture

what is Accenture_ Touch Cast 55m Accenture

Accenture is a global consulting and services company. Offering strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services, it is a Fortune 500 company with offices around the world.

Touch Cast 55m Accenture – Technology consulting firms like Accenture are used to outsource large engineering projects. Building new user-facing applications is a relatively small part of engineering in large enterprises: working with and maintaining existing legacy systems can take up the bulk of engineering time. Moreover, Integrating data, implementing large software like ERP, or unifying disparate applications or systems are critical tasks.

According to, Moreover, The company began life as the business and technology arm of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen. In 2001, Andersen Consulting adopted its current brand ‘Accenture’, with the name ‘Accenture’ proposed by a Danish employee through an internal competition. Hence, ‘Accenture’ is supposedly derived from ‘Accent on the future’. In July 2011, Accenture went public on the New York Stock Exchange and the company raised nearly $1.7 billion.

Accenture jobs

Accenture Jobs

Combination of economic rewards recognizes your unique competencies, effect and profession progression. Your non-public aggregate of base profits, bonus and fairness is customize to the marketplace in which you paintings and live. As you increase for your career, you have a better hazard of being reward.

As per the studies by, Every day, Accenture humans make investments their time and expertise to drive effects and transform groups. It’s no small feat and requires human beings to be at their satisfactory, in my opinion and professionally. That’s why we’re commit to investing in you with the essential applications, assets and help. Furthermore, With Accenture Total Rewards, you have the opportunity to give the excellent of your self, for the corporation, on your family and for yourself.

Touch Cast 55m Accenture – At the heart of every great change is also a great human being. Howevere Every day our People of Change are accomplishing incredible things as they work together to pursue our common goal: to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. Be part of the Accenture team – bring your ideas. Hence, the ingenuity and determination to make a difference, and we’ll solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Moreover, Around the world, it works with great people, the latest and greatest technology, and leading companies across all industries to create value for our customers, employees, and communities. Hence, Choose a career with a focus and together create lasting positive value.

Touch Cast 55m Accenture

Touch Cast 55m Accenture - Touch Cast 55m Accenture

Hence, TouchCast’s growth into a startup catering to an audience of hungry. And eager event planners has been an interesting twist that reminds founders (and investors). Moreover, That the right opportunities may not be what you think they are.

As per the studies by, Hence, Digital disruption distributed workforce and customer experience are driving the need for companies to transform the way they do business and evolve into the future of work,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO of Accenture, of virtual experiences to have a business impact, the pandemic has shown that quality interactions and information are necessary. Moreover, Our investment in Touchcast demonstrates. Hence, our commitment to identifying the latest technologies that help meet the critical business needs of our customers.

Touch Cast 55m Accenture Ventureslundentechcrunch

Touch Cast 55m Accenture Ventureslundentechcrunch

Touch Cast 55m Accenture – In the latest development, New York-based video startup TouchCast. Which has developed a platform for businesses. To produce realistic virtual conferences and other events without too much technical work. Has secured $55 million in funding. The money co-founder and CEO Edo Segal said the startup will use to expand its services. And equipment after being “overwhelmed by demand” in the wake of COVID-19.

As per the studies by, However, The funding is being led by strategic investor, Accenture Ventures. Furthermore, the investment arm of the systems integrator and consulting giant.  Moreover, With participation from Alexander Capital Ventures, Saatchi Invest, Ronald Lauder and other unnamed investors. Until now, the startup has been largely self-fund, and while Segal won’t disclose. The valuation, he said it’s definitely in the nine figures (i.e. somewhere in the greater area). Hundreds of millions of dollars).

Accenture uses TouchCast’s technology for its own events. But that’s probably only part of their appeal. Accenture also has many enterprise clients using it to build and deploy interactive services. Which could potentially lead to more customers on TouchCast. pipeline.


In my content I want to describe that Touch Cast 55m Accenture. However, The Touchcast is an award winning group of passionate investors. The storytellers, developers, designers and producers who thrive on challenging. The status quo in pursuit of our mission to improve peoples lives through the power of extraordinary experiences. Hence, Accenture is a global consulting and services company. Offering strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. Moreover, It is a Fortune 500 company with offices around the world.

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