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Zust2help – Best Tricks to Get Free Royal Pass with 600UC BGMI


Friends, welcome to my blog post I am going to give you a Zust2help Bgmi free 600UC & Royal pass that has no password is easy to download. Moreover, it has no bags and it is the best BGMI config files with latest updates as per the study by

Furthermore, With the new Royale Pass system in BMGI, players will not only get more rewards, being able to purchase the next Royale Pass but an extra 60UC from the Royale Pass every month as well. It is now the best time to invest in a Royale Pass in BGMI considering all the perks it provides. So, Since the demand for Royale Pass is surging, players among the community are talking about free Royal Pass zust2help in BGMI a lot.

Free Royal Pass Zust2help : Free UC In BGMI Zust2Help

Free Royal Pass Zust2help _ Free UC In BGMI Zust2Help

Hence, If you have to take UC then you have come to the right website, we try to give you all the information related to BGMI right and in very less time, but some people do not trust us and how can people know Buying 600 UC by investing money, that’s why he does not trust, but will trust soon.

Furthermore, But we assure you that almost every day more than 10,000 people visit this website and without any problem take UC in their account and that is why you have to maintain your trust in us and we will also help you with all our heart.

What is UC?

UC is a kind of token which is used to get Royal Pass and Guns or clothes Parasuit skin. So, it is just like people play by buying Coins while gambling, similarly people collect skin by buying UC.

What is Royal Pass

What is Royal Pass

According to the research by, If you already play BGMI then you must know what is Royal Pass but. If you do not know why we are here, but we are going to tell you everything in easy language today.

Furthermore, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) It changes every season, people buy it and get colorful skin of their favorite Guns. Moreover, the main reason is their name on the ship and RP is visible to everyone while playing the game, as well as those who ever Royal Passes are not taken. So, they come with a lot of respect, they talk to the people of Royal Pass in direct language. Hence, with Royal Pass, pro players are identified as compared to others.

How to Buy Royal Pass

How to Buy Royal Pass

First of all you have to download the BGMI game, then after that you have to open the game, then you have to login with your ID, then after that you will have an RP option in the right side and you will have to click on it. Then you will be asked how much UC you want to take Royal Pass, then you have to select 600 UC, after that you can pay with Redeem Code or Credit card.

Furtheremore, We hope that you must have liked and understood this information, do share your opinion and your suggestion with us through the medium of comment so that more people can easily understand.

BGMI new Tek Era Royale Pass

BGMI new Tek Era Royale Pass

It seems that this free Royal Pass zust2help in BGMI is a new way that people are using to get a free Royale Pass in BMGI now. But does it actually works? That’s what we are going to find out in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Free Royal Pass zust2help in BGMI test
  2. Free Royal Pass zust2help in BGMI is a scam and here’s why
  3. How to actually make free UC in BGMI

1. Free Royal Pass zust2help in BGMI test

With a quick search on Google, we found out that this website “” claims that it can give you free UC, redeem codes, Royale Pass in BMGI, and PUBG Mobile. The website also offers other services such as increasing Like, Follower, and Data.

Steps to Get Free Royal Pass zust2help

Let’s first start with the free Royale Pass section to see if it works. The site brings me an article that shows a long 6-step guide that tells you how to get free 600 UC or Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile on a website named DecideNet.

2. Free Royal Pass Zust2help in BGMI is a Scam and Here’s Why

On the zust2help website, if you Load more old articles you will find one titled “Congratulation – You have got 600 UC”. This means the Congratulation message you got above was actually just an article that is only there to makes you feel like you got 600 UC and not a real confirmation.

You will always receive this “Congratulation” whenever you hit the Submit button, even if you don’t enter your ID and First name.

The Congratulation Notification on Zust2help

As per the study by, The owner of this website also has a YouTube channel named BGMI – Free UC with all kinds of videos that guide you through the same process saying that you will get free UC. However, all the comment sections in these videos are disabled to prevent people from calling him out.

3. How to Actually Make Free UC in BGMI

3. How to Actually Make Free UC in BGMI

While UC is a premium currency in BGMI, there are still some methods for you to get them for free and they are all legit official methods that anyone can do.

1. Royal Pass

As we mentioned before, the new Royale Pass in BGMI can earn you 360 UC and a 60 UC voucher every month if you managed to get all the rewards. You can use 300 UC and the 60 UC voucher to purchase the next Royale Pass and keep the 60 UC surplus.

2. Events

There are events in the game that will offer you different rewards and UC when you participate. For example, the Growing Pack BGMI event is currently running. By doing its missions, you can get 100 extra UC, 1 UMP45 skin, and 10x 60 UC Vouchers. You can follow Gurugamer and we will update you constantly with these kinds of events in the game.

3. Money Making Apps

This is always a decent option for you to make a small amount of money to buy UC in BGMI. Apps like Google Opinion Rewards and Swagbucks will offer you activities like playing games, downloading apps, and earn you money.

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