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How to Create Blog of Fashion?


The fashion world captivates you and follows its details with passion. Do you know the different players on the scene? Are people close to you asking you for tips on the latest fashion? If your responses to these questions are positive, it’s time to launch your blog of fashion.

Here’s a guide introducing you to your new mission, how-to guide your writings, when to publish them, and how to manage your project professionally. In this article, we went in-depth on creating a fashion blog. Read till the end to know more.

Choose the Starting Pad

The two most popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Each has pros and cons, but WordPress generally requires a more robust understanding of HTML and CSS, the two techniques used to program web pages, which contain specific codes that control the modification of your page design according to need.

If you’re a beginner to HTML, you’ll probably prefer blogger and its interactive template design that does the bulk of the work for you. This platform belongs to Google, so you’ll get the associated search engine benefits. While activist bloggers love WordPress, it can be frustrating for novice bloggers. If you decide to start one of these platforms and then move on, both will offer you ways to import blog content and past and current posts from the first platform.

How do you See an Address for your Fashion Blogs?

Carefully choose your blog name, and make sure you create an available address. For example, if you want to call it ABC Fashion Spot, check that is available. Your blog name must be linked to its content, expressing who you are and what you want to deliver.

Let the title reflect the content. You can always change your blog name, but it’s best to be fixed, so choose a suitable and distinctive character from the beginning, to avoid confusing readers and lose the page ratings you’ve earned over time.

The Art of Writing on Fashion

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the grammar you’ll communicate with readers. Blogs are informal, such as websites, and conversational dialogue is usually used. You should always check your writings to correct common spelling errors.

And if you’re upset about writing, it’s okay too. Many of the more followed blogs contain images rather than texts. Just make sure these images are expressive.

The Importance of Fashion Images

If you plan to display your daily clothes, you’ll need someone’s help to take photos or remote control. You can also use a smartphone camera if you’re a beginner, and you don’t have to buy an expensive camera in this case.

Taking fun and beautiful pictures that express your love for this world is essential. A second option for the fashion blog is to share street-style photos, which means going out and taking pictures of other people you don’t necessarily know.

Just make sure you get their approval before taking any pictures of them. This method is an excellent opportunity to introduce them to yourself and what you are doing. Focus your photos on the costumes, colours, fabrics and designs that inspire you.

The Power of Social Networking

Use the power of social media for your benefit, bring more readers to your blog from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and other sites and grow your business.

Pinterest is one of the most accessible social platforms to use for bloggers since all you have to do is automatically upload a photo with a link to return to the page you took from it, your blog. Twitter is an excellent tool for bloggers, allowing you to follow fashion and fashion news, and connect with people who look like you in style and thinking.

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