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Narrow Side Table Types for Our Home We list and Explanation

Narrow Side Table – Types of Tables for Your Home We list and explain every kind of table for your home, including living and dining room tables.

It’s easy to get puzzled about tables; however, apart from the kitchen’s table obvious purpose, table names like “console table” and “side table” are frequently just thrown around willy-nilly without much thought to purpose or style. We buy amazing Ikea calls an “accent table” since we think we need one, and we dutifully move it from house to house.

Take heart! Your table confusion is at an end! There is a rhyme and cause to tables, and we’re breaking it down for you in today’s complete guide, helping you match form and function effortlessly.

While there are many types of tables, most tables have the same parts.

Types of Tables

We’ve already talked about how many different tables there are and what we want to stress here is that the table’s name doesn’t matter–what’s important is that the table suits you and your purposes. You do have to shop, and sympathetic table vocabulary will be caring. Let’s break belongings down:

Living Room Tables

“Occasional” tables are small utility tables that unite beauty and function. There are nine main types:

Coffee Table

A coffee table is typically used in a living room or seat area and placed in front of the couch. You can put food on it, drinks, or use it to display coffee table books, plants, or small knick-knacks.

Accent Table

An accent table is a loose term that covers various table types, including counting end tables, coffee tables, and console tables. Don’t be afraid to get creative! A stem, an old chair, or a shelf can double as accent tables. Most are small accent tables.

Console Table

Console tables are often second-hand interchangeably with end tables because they are long, thin, narrow, and fit nicely behind a sofa or in an entryway. A console table near the face door is handy if you need extra dimension or just a place to toss your keys, a c

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Side Table

Narrow Side Table -As its name so aptly imply, a side table fits next to a sofa and provides an excellent place for a lamp or drink.


A c-table gets its name as its unique c-shape, allowing it to swivel around over a bed, chair, or couch. You can use it for drinking or holding your book or laptop.

Drink Table

Drink tables are tiny and have just sufficient room for a drink! They can be high but are usually on the shorter side.

End Table

An end table is almost the same as an accent table.

Bunching Table A bunching table can also be a type of coffee table or accent table; it merely refers to two or more tables that fit together or can spread out. It’s an excellent option for a space-challenged home.

Drum Table

The drum table was shaped in the 1700s and is a heavy, circular table. Occasionally it’s tall enough to pull up a chair, and sometimes it has bookshelves or drawers and a tooled leather top. Today, the term sometimes refers to a substantial round table, such as a stone coffee table.

Foyer Tables

Another occasional board is what we call a foyer table which is a table for the foyer. Not all lobbies have such a table, but they are excellent expediency. Mainly butt up to a wall, but you can place about or cube tables in the centre of large foyers.

Fantastic Side Table Alternatives Your Living Room Needs

When entering anyone’s living room, you’re guaranteed to see at least a few items. Including a couch, coffee table, and television. In living quarters that are a little more spacious, it’s not uncommon that you might also see a side table next to a couch, recliner, or chair. Though side tables can be used merely to take up extra space or display a décor item like a vase or a fake houseplant, others might have a specific intention for their side table, like saying a table lamp so they can convert or have a place to place their coffee in the morning as they watch the news on TV before work.


Narrow Side Table – While there is nothing incorrect with having a side table in your interior, as many homes have one, there are also great alternatives to the beloved living room side table that you might be more interested. These alternatives include a balanced shelf, chest or trunk, stool, bar cart, crate or barrel, or even a cupboard.

The great thing concerning some of these alternatives is that you might be able to save money by opting for them over a traditional side table. as well, with a side table alternative, you can achieve a different style and add unique character to your interior design that most homes may not even offer.

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