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What is Small Business?

A small business is defined as a private corporations, partnership, or the sole proprietorships that has fewer employees and less annual revenue than a full-sized corporation or business. So, the definition of “small”, in terms of being able to apply for government assistance and benefit from preferential tax policy, varies by country and industry. Hence, the United States Small Business Administration defines a small business by a set of standards based on specific industries.

Furthermore, small businesses can often implement the same quality management systems as larger companies, they may face different challenges along the way. So, the smaller companies typically have fewer human resources and less start-up capital to devote to quality initiatives. However, senior management engagement and accessibility may be stronger in a smaller company, and internal communications may be more direct.

So, apparently values by staff in small businesses tend to become common factors in staff behavior and can become important factors in long-term good performance. However, the Senior management can contribute significantly to the development of a small business culture. If they can articulate values and ideas to help guide staff efforts. Indeed, the Ideas that describe part of culture are commonly known as organizational values and are expressed through concepts. Such as values, mission, vision, policies, and goals. Hence, these concepts are established by management and adopted by staff.

Characteristics of Small Scale Industries

  • Ownership: They have a single owner. Therefore, it is also known as sole proprietorship.
  • Management: All management jobs are controlled by the owner.
  • Limited Range: They have a restricted area of operation. So they can be a local store or an industry located in an area.
  • Labor Intensive: Their reliance on technology is very small because they are dependent on manpower and the manpower.
  • Flexibility: So, because they are small, they are open and flexible to the sudden changes, unlike large industries.
  • Resources: They use local and immediately available resources. They make better use of natural resources and limited waste.

Categories of Small Business

On the basis of capital invests, small business units can be divide into the following categories:

  • Small Scale Industry
  • Ancillary Small Industrial Unit
  • Export Oriented Units
  • Small Scale Industries Owned by Women
  • Tiny Industrial Units
  • Small Scale Service and Business
  • Micro Business Enterprises
  • Village Industries
  • Cottage Industries

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