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Blonde Colour with Black Hair – Consequences and More


Ah, Blonde Colour with Black Hair? this stage of discolouration! It often bothers you, and questions fuse on Color-Mania to know if you can try semi-permanent colouring without bleaching the hair. Our answer rarely changes, and we have often told you. For a very bright or very light colour like a pastel, bleaching your hair is often essential, especially if you start from a dark base.

So are we obliged to say goodbye to coloured hair? For all kinds of reasons, we can not bleach? Of course not! If your hair is too damaged or fragile if you want to regain your natural colour quickly. Or if maintenance scares you. Some semi-permanent colours are pigmented enough to be applied without discolouration: it is enough to choose your colouring according to your primary colour. To better understand, follow the guide!

What are the Consequences of Colour if we do not Discolor?

Do not discolour necessarily influence the final result of the colouring. To know before you start:
Unless you have light hair. You will have little chance of getting a flashy and very showy colour. Zapping discolouration is. Therefore, a solution if you are looking for a reasonably discreet effect closer to reflections than colouring-that-changes-your-life (except for blond hair possibly, more details below!)

The colour lasts less time: if you put the colouring without discolouration and your hair is natural and has not undergone many treatments. Your colour will last less time (for example, the poppy red of Directions left after five shampoos of my chestnut hair having never been coloured or discoloured. But after a dozen shampoos, the colour. Even if erased, is still seen on the lengths that had been discoloured a long time ago.

Choosing the right colour is very important. Semi-permanent colourations do not lighten the hair. So you have to choose a darker colour than your hair.

Beware of Specific Colour!

Hair, whether chestnut or blonde. Hair often contains a lot of yellow pigments that can interact with colouring and not give the desired result. So beware of blues and purples: purple could make a toner effect and give a brown and blue pull on the green.

For blue, the solution can often be quite simple: by adding a hint of purple colouration to the blue colouring, we can fade the yellow. For purple, on the other hand, if the hair is too yellow. The only solution is often to discolour the hair.

The Hair Primer

Without discolouring the natural hair, you can prepare it: mix a little bleaching product with shampoo and leave it on for a short time so that the product does not lighten the hair but opens the scales and the colour penetrates better.

It will not allow the colouring to be seen more but at least to last a little longer despite the absence of discolouration. To promote the colour hold. It is also recommended to rinse the hair with water as cold as possible and to space the shampoos.

Clarifying Shampoo

If the primer seems too aggressive for your hair or you don’t feel like doing it, make a clarifying shampoo before applying the colour. It will allow you to clean your hair thoroughly and avoid as much as possible that the semi-permanent colouring “slips” on your already powerful hair because of its untreated nature. The colour will hang the coat better and can last a little longer without discolouration.

How to Choose the Right Colour without Discoloration?

As we just said, you need a darker colour than your hair. We recommend La Riché Directions, Herman’s Amazing and Manic Panic colourings. Which are well pigmented and last from our customers’ feedback and our own experiences a little longer.

The excellent news, brands are getting increasingly into the habit of providing previews of the possible rendering of their colourations according to the different primary colours. It is mainly the case for Pulp Riot for most of its shades (see in the product sheets) and Manic Panic and Herman’s Amazing, for which we have made recaps.

Colouring For Dark Brown Colour or Brown Hair

The colourations without discolouration possible on brown or dark chestnut hair are the most pigmented. On black hair or too dark. However, we will not be able to get much more than a subtle reflection. But it can be beautiful!

On the other hand, your base is ideal for a beautiful raven black colouring. Because it will limit the risk of green or blue reflections as it collapses.

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