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The One Million Dollar Puzzle Makes an Absurd Holiday Gift

Entrepreneurs have plenty to deal with all through the year. Figuring out amazing to give your workers at the end of the year must be the least of your fears, And yet, holiday gifting still becomes a stressor. Entirely than give out company-branded mugs or lottery tickets this year, take a more creative and fun approach to thank your workers for their hard work. The One Million Dollar Puzzle through MSCHF is sure to be a hit, and it’s now 16 per cent off.

This clever puzzle has remained a feature on Mashable, iHeart Radio, Nerdist, and more. Made by street art communal MSCHF, this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is a lottery ticket in itself. All you can do is complete the mystery, and you’ll have an option to succeed for up to $1,000,000.

Every particular puzzle is a winner — no sad scratching this year. Once the puzzle assembles, scan it with the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll remain directed to a web page where you’ll enter your secret prize code from your box and instantly win 25 cents, $100, $1,000, $10,000, or $1,000,000. MSCHF will then PayPal or Venmo the wealth to you almost directly. Seriously, you have to complete a puzzle, and you could win a lot of money. Not only will your workers appreciate the thrill, but they’ll also have a toy they can reassemble. They’re putting a QR code jointly — it’s not a simple puzzle!

Take the pressure out of holiday gifting this year by giving a gift that keeps on charitable, and don’t forget to treat yourself too. For a limited time, you container get The One Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF for 16 per cent off $30 at just $24.99.

Million Dollar Puzzle Is A Exclusive Jigsaw Puzzle With Big Money Up For Grab

One puzzle costs $30, but you canister save money by purchasing multiples. If you’re emotion lucky and really like assembling 500-piece QR codes, you canister get four puzzles for $100. through Father’s Day coming up this weekend, this is an incredible gift for the jigsaw puzzle-loving dads.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle create by MSCHF, an art collective based out of Brooklyn, New York. Rest assured, this game is entirely legitimate. Last year, MSCHF opened the One Million Dollar Puzzle year, so this new version is the same, with two grand prize winners instead of one.

While it’s unlikely that many people will desire to frame this puzzle after fitting all 500 pieces together–unless you win a million bucks, of course–it offers a fun way to spend an afternoon. Plus, jigsaw puzzles are suitable for keeping your brain sharp.

Of course, the chances of winning big are exceedingly low, as most jigsaw puzzle fans will only get a fraction of the cost of the puzzle itself back. Consider that you must be over 18 to redeem your prize.

Million Dollar Puzzle Is Support: It’s Time To Part Jointly A QR Code

Last month, we painted a unique QR-code jigsaw puzzle that, when scanned, gives you the chance to win $1 million. The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle–it’s called that two lucky puzzle enthusiasts will win the top prize–has returned. This time, the cost of the mystery itself is a tad cheaper, as it’s on sale for $25 more than its usual $30 price.

The 500-piece puzzle comes from the Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, which frees the One Million Dollar Puzzle in 2021. You consider the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle a result with twice as various top-prize winners.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is just what it sounds similar. After piecing the jigsaw puzzle jointly, you’ll have to assemble a fully functioning QR code. It can then scan with your phone to redeem your reward, ranging from $1 to $1 million. The mystery is only 500 pieces, but since you don’t have a reference image to compare your progress, it’s a bit more challenging than your standard jigsaw puzzle. The potential to get rich makes it a bit more exciting, too.

You’ll need to be 18 or older to redeem the code, but there are “no losers” with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. Everyone who completes the challenge will get at least $1, although let’s hope you end up with something more substantial.

At the very worst, you’ll have spent $24 for an afternoon of jigsaw fun. And hey, maybe you’ll want to frame and display your QR code. If you win the $1 million (very unlikely), consider dropping a few bucks on these other mind-bending puzzles, such as the Venn Puzzle, Tycho Puzzle, or Jack Puzzle.


It sounds like a scam, but it isn’t. MSCHF, a New York-based art collective, has launched a 500-piece-jigsaw called ‘The 1 Million Dollar Puzzle’. And for two lucky solvers, that’s just what the winning amount will be this summer. Taking part is simple: order the trippy, QR code-themed puzzle.

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