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Automotive Write for us – Submit and Contribute PostAutomotive Write for us – Anything automotive has to do with automobiles in other words, cars. The automotive industries includes industry associated with the production, wholesale, retail and servicing of motor vehicles. This industry is not formally defined in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), but the Bureau of Labor Statistics refers to a group of detailed industries as the “automotive industry” in analysis purposes. This list is not exhaustive, but includes industries that may be directly affected by changes in the production and sales of motor vehicles in the United States. To submit your article, you can email us at

The automotive industry, for example, involves the manufacture and sale of cars. If the wipers fall off your car, buy new ones from an auto shop. The word automobile comes from the Greek auto for “self” and motive for “move”, which makes sense for what the word could mean in the late 1800s.

A self-propelled machine similar to a helicopter for one person. Don’t bother looking for one, though, automotive now only refers to cars. If you’re interested in automotive technology, you could become a mechanic. And maybe you could figure out how to make one of those little helicopters.

What Do Automotive Engineers Do?

Automotive engineers, also known as “automotive engineers”, work with other engineers to improve the technical performance, aesthetics, and software of vehicles. Common responsibilities of an automotive engineer include designing and testing various vehicle components, including fuel technologies and safety systems. They may also propose and design new vehicle models or vehicle systems using engineering design software such as Think Design Engineering.

Common duties of an automotive engineer include:

  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Research, development and production of new vehicles or vehicle subsystems
  • Using computer models to determine vehicle behavior and efficiency
  • Investigate instances of product failure
  • Prepare cost estimates for current or new vehicles
  • Hence, Evaluate the safety and environmental components of an automotive project
  • Create plans and drawings for new vehicle products

Difference Between Automotive and Automobiles

Although the words “automobile” and “automotive” are sometimes used as interchangeably, they do not always mean the same thing. While automobile refers to any motor vehicle. Hence, an automobile is a four-wheeled vehicle used for transportation.

So, As a result, while automotive engineers work with all vehicles, including public transportation, automotive engineers may focus primarily on designing and building automobiles. Hence, Both of these specializations are under the umbrella of automotive engineering.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

However, Three types of companies manufacture parts used in automotive manufacturing. Although automakers produce some of their own parts, they also purchase auto parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Moreover, These OEMs assemble items such as seats and door handles. Companies in the rubber manufacturing sector, on the other hand, specialize in items such as tires, belts, hoses, wiper blades and gaskets. Hence, Around 75% of the world’s natural rubber production is used to make tires

Car Electronic Components Manufacturers

Furthermore, the advent of electric cars has given rise to new types of automotive components. These include electric motors, lithium batteries, chargers and controllers, a type of mechanism that acts as a valve between the motor and the batteries. Electric car components are use by automakers as well as a handful of avid consumers who are converting their existing vehicles to run on electricity. Hence, Electric car components are distribute by specialists such as EV West.

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